Present plan to commemorate the 300th broadcast of the anime “Bonobono.”

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Fuji TV’s anime “Bonobono” (May 22, before Saturday, Kanto Local), which started in April 2016, will be broadcast 300 times on the 12th.

A work that teaches the truth of living while depicting the heartwarming everyday life of a sea otter child, Bonobono, who is full of curiosity and delusions, his friend Chipmunk, and a bully but kind-hearted raccoon.

This episode is “Where Snadorineko-san was”, but in commemoration of the 300th anniversary, a gift project “This is my favourite” Bono “episode!” Was held. Bonobono goods will be selected by lottery from those who posted their favourite episodes from all 300 episodes (from 5:30 am on the 12th to 11:59 pm on the 20th) with “# Bonobono” on Twitter. Present to 3 people.

Fukuko Yukimiyama, who played the role of Bonobono, said, “It’s been six years since then. I had a lot of stories and met friends in the forest (occasionally the sea and space).” He said, “I’m too annoyed because there are too many”, but I’d like to recommend episode 160 “, The Mercy of Things”. I hope you can look forward to what kind of story awaits you in the future. “

On the other hand, Aya Ogata, who plays the role of Chipmunk, said, “It has become difficult to record all of them because of the corona, but the story of putting on a mask in the world of” Bonobono “has a great attitude of challenge. “Jin” and himself were enthusiastic, and Shinpei Takano, who played the role of raccoon, was also powerful, saying, “A work that you can enjoy as much as you can. Aim for 1000 episodes!”

Producer Keiichiro Oguro of the same station decided to “power up with various developments such as” Bonobono “in the babyhood, multiple stories that are not complete in one episode, special episodes with guests, etc.”

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