‘Jimoto is Japan’ Seiji Hayashi’s new series is ‘Jump.’ My body has been modified!!

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Seiji Hayashi, who is known for ” Jimoto ga Japan, “which was also made into a TV animation, started a new series, “Strawberry Cake! Maneuvering” in ” Weekly Shonen Jump ” (Shueisha) No. 52

Animation has become a hot topic due to its impressive speed! “Jimoto is Japan,” The naughty main character!

The new series “Strawberry Cake! Maneuvering” appears on the cover of the same issue. The cover depicts a boy with robot-like hands carrying a girl on his back and introduces “Nikoichi youth remodeling gag!” and “My body has been remodeled!”

In “Weekly Shonen Jump,” it has been announced that a new series by a gorgeous writer will start for four consecutive issues from issue 50. The second installment is “Kouhou Gakuen no Iroha,” written by Ishin Nishio, who wrote the famous novel ” Series,” and the third installment, “Strawberry!

In the 1st issue of 2023, which will be released on December 5, Daisuke Enoshima’s “Android 100”, which won the “15th J Gold Future Cup (Jump Gold Future Cup)”, will start serialization.

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