Pretending to be Sleta and Mioline, in fact.!? Many people are deceived by the artist’s drawing ability and imagination.

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“Suretta & Mioline pretending to be octopus and squid” Illustrator Takeshi Nakamura ( @F_M_U ) has released a unique illustration on Twitter that references popular anime characters. Brilliant ideas are getting a lot of feedback.

This is also Mr. Nakamura’s work “Airplane and Misekake Ballpoint Pen and Ruler,” The animation “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch,” whose season 2 ended in July’. It is one of the Gundam series, and it has become a work accepted by a wide range of generations, including elements such as female protagonists, school things, and competition between companies. Sleta Mercury and Miolin Rembrun are the main characters of the same work. Mr. Nakamura released an illustration with the two as a motif on July 2, when the final episode of “The Witch of Mercury” was broadcast.

At first glance, the back of Sleta and Mioline is drawn in the illustration. But if you look closely… Surprisingly, what was removed was octopus and squid, which are familiar creatures in the sea. Many people have expressed their surprise at Mr. Nakamura’s creativity. “I didn’t come up with this idea.”

“A genius!” The unexpected combination of anime characters and sea creatures deceives many people. How did you come up with these illustrations? When I asked Mr. Nakamura, he gave me an unexpected answer. He said, “From the first time I saw it, I thought I was a character with that design motif.”

The difference in focus is also reflected in your originality as an artist. However, the appearance of the octopus and squid extending their arms from the bottom of the sea toward the light that shines through the surface of the water is somehow mysterious, and it is the story of Suretta and Mioline, who try to live without losing hope even in the face of great difficulties.

It looks to overlap with the figure. Mr. Nakamura also said about “The Witch of Mercury,” “The art is beautiful, so I enjoyed it as much as everyone else.” There is no doubt that the illustration is finished in such a way that you can feel the love of the work because you also like it.

As an illustrator, Mr. Nakamura has created many other creative works. From August 5 to 14th, at “Phantom Beast Myth Exhibition X,” and from August 5 to September 3, “At the “Odaiba Lovely World Exhibition,” each work will be exhibited. “Phantom Beast Myth Exhibition X” Venue: Yurakucho Kotsu Kaikan B1 Gold Salon Dates: August 5 (Sat) to 14th (Mon), 2023 Free admission Opening hours: 11:00 to 19:30 (last day is 17:00) “Odaiba Lovely World Exhibition” Venue: Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba 3F GALLERY21 Date: August 5 (Sat)-September 3 (Sun), 2023 Free admission Opening hours: 11: 00-19: 00 (Until 17:00 on the last day) (Maidona News / News Special Contract / Yuichi Takenaka (RinToris))

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