‘Pretty Cure’ transforms into a child’s lunch dress! Release of action scene cuts from the new movie

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The latest movie of the popular anime “Pretty Cure” series, “Movie Delicious Party Pretty Cure Yumemiru Children’s Lunch!” is a heart released on September 23), and a new scene cut has been removed.

The movie is set in Dreamia, a “Children’s Lunch” theme park that suddenly appeared in a delicious town one day. Yui Kazumi (Cure Precious), the main character, enjoys all-you-can-eat Dreamia with all-you-can-eat and play-all-you-can-eat attractions with many food-themed attractions, such as a rice ball tower, a bread Ferris wheel, and a ramen coaster. Change occurs in.

A story unfolds in which Pretty Cure, who believes in the power of rice and confronts difficulties, and Komekome, who wishes to become a hero like Yui, create a big miracle.

The new scene cut lifted this time is a powerful action cut in which Pretty Cure joins forces to confront the attacking security robot. The appearance of Pretty Cure standing up to protect everyone in Dreamia is a very dignified and fantastic scene.

In addition, the steel that contains the appearance of Pretty Cure and Energy Fairy transformed into “Children’s Lunch Dress” has also been lifted.

This is a unique figure that can only be seen in movies, and when everyone’s feelings become more muscular, a miracle occurs.

The Energy Fairy has transformed! ? A large ribbon with a gingham check pattern is attached to the back of the Pretty Cure, and a design that makes you feel the “cooking” each character has as a motif is applied. It is one piece.

Not only the dress change but also the movie’s original technique released by seven people! ? Apparently, the special activities of Pretty Cure and energy fairies will be depicted in the film.

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