‘Puraore!’ Face off with Aika and others with a sports towel!

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From January 13th (Thursday) to January 23rd (Sunday), Realize will be held at Animo, an e-commerce site specializing in anime and manga. ~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~” is now available for pre-order.

“Puraore! ~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~” is a large-scale project developed by media mix in cooperation with CyberAgent and EXNOA, a limited liability company that operates “DMM GAMES.” A story about girls playing ice hockey in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, broadcast an anime from October 2021 and release the game in 2022.

This time, “Sports Towel” with the characters appearing in this work will be released. The lineup consists of eight types: Aika Mizusawa, Riko Saginuma, Yu Kiyose, Ayaka Mizusawa, Naomi Takagi, Kaoruko Yanagida, Mami Ono, and Kushiro Snow White.

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