‘Sailor Moon’ TV animation will be distributed for free on YouTube. ‘Sailor Moon Cosmos’ new notice was also released.

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To commemorate the release of the theatrical animation “Sailor Moon Cosmos,” the 4th season of the TV series “Sailor Moon SuperS (Supers)” and the 5th season of “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars” will be released on YouTube by Toei Animation. It will be distributed for free on the Museum Channel.

The free distribution of the 4th “SuperS” will start at noon on March 27th, and the 5th “Sailor Stars” will begin on May 5th. One episode per day and each episode will be released for two weeks only. The 4th term SuperS'' is based on the original manga's 4th termDead Moon edition”. The 5th term Sailor Stars'' is based on the 5th termShadow Galactica edition” of the original manga, and “Sailor Stars” Sailor Starlights / Three Lights, which are popular with fans, will appear.

In addition, the second notice of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” has been released. Eternal Sailor Moon (CV: Kotono Mitsuishi ), who fights to protect the galaxy and her friends, and Sailor Galaxia (CV: Megumi Hayashibara ), who plans to conquer the universe, clash with each other in the “final battle that decides the fate of the galaxy.” Eternal Sailor Moon says, “I can live because I have someone I love,” and Sailor Galaxia says, “The only thing I can believe in is my power.”

The video raises expectations for the final battle and the story’s ending by contrasting the beliefs of two people and two people’s intentions that intersect.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” is the final chapter of the rebooted ” Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon ” series that started in 2014. The original manga “Shadow Galactica” by Naoko Takeuchi will be visualized in the first and second parts.

A new enemy organization, “Shadow Galactica,” which plans to conquer the galaxy, aims at Sailor Soldiers one after another to steal the “Sailor Crystal,” the source of Sailor Soldiers’ power.

The first part will be released on June 9th, and the second on June 30th. From April 14th, “Theatrical Sales 2nd Movie Ticket Advance Ticket” will be removed.

There are 12 ticket face designs, six in the first part and six types in the second part. Available at screening theaters nationwide (excluding some theaters), major mail orders, Sailor Moon store Harajuku main store, and Sailor Moon stores ONLINE.

This information was announced at the “AnimeJapan 2023” special stage. Kotono Mitsuishi plays Eternal Sailor Moon, and Marina Inoue plays Sailor Starlights/Three Lights. Saori Hayami and Ayane Sakura took the stage at the event.

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