R.I.P. Latin America Anime Voice Actor: Osvaldo Trejo Dies At 32

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Osvaldo Trejo, a voice actor who has loaned his abilities to series like Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball Super, and numerous other series and video games, has passed at 32. Reported on May sixth, Trejo had been initially hospitalized for COVID-19 in April, surrendering to the infection that has torn its way across the world for longer than a year. Having revived any semblance of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Sukuna, Dragon Ball Super’s Auta Magetta, Attack On Titan’s Reiss Fritz, Genya in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and that’s just the beginning, Trejo likewise loaned his abilities to video games including Overwatch and Detroit Become Human to name a few.

Lalo Garza, an individual voice actor and companion to Trejo who is the voice actor for Dragon Ball Super’s Krillin in Latin America, shared his sympathies with respect to the deficiency of the voice of such countless jobs, taking note of that he was excessively youthful to be taken by the Covid, which saw him hospitalized for quite a long time:

Individual Voice Actor Ale Delint likewise loaned her sympathies for the deficiency of Trejo through her Official Twitter Account:

Trejo was brought into the world in Mexico City in 1988, getting into the voice acting business while going to the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Zacatenco of the National Polytechnic Institute. While there, he joined a venue bunch known as the “Thespis” which set before him his way to authoritatively join the universe of voice actors in 2014. With his anime and computer game voice acting jobs, Trejo additionally provided the Spanish parts for Frank in Doom Patrol and The Reaper in the God of War series. He will be enormously missed and Trejo’s voice acting abilities were intelligible in the different works that he had been a piece of all through his unreasonably short career.

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