The creator of the soccer manga ‘Aoashi’ gives back. Collaboration with Tokyo Musashino United FC ‘In the form of gratitude at that time.’

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Tokyo Musashino United FC and the famous soccer manga “Aoashi” will collaborate. We will collaborate on training shirts and season posters.

In the original manga, “Tokyo Musashino Kicking Team,” which appears as a rival team of the main character, Aoi Aoi, believes in the words of director Koji Satake, “Take risks. Only when you take risks, the enemy feels scared.” A good team that develops attacks from super high press defense. This season, Tokyo Musashino United FC will continue to approach the opponent’s goal with a quick attack from the team’s aggressive defense as a whole without fear of risk.

The author, Yugo Kobayashi, said, “I had decided to make this proposal in 22 years. Six years ago, ” Aoashi “was started, and this club interviewed me. That’s all I received. Even though the work has not been recognized yet, and I do not know how the club will be taken up, Kohei Masumoto U-18 director (currently Gainare Tottori head coach) was exciting and cooperated fully. I had you do it, “he confessed to the process leading up to the collaboration.

“The content was difficult to answer, and he told me everything in the form of accepting all my interviews that should have been rude questions, and as a result, I was able to face the Tokyo Musashino Kicking Team match of” Aoashi “with great enthusiasm. I want to express my gratitude at that time. The animation will start on NHK E-Tele from April this year, and the Tokyo Musashino Kicking Team will appear as a significant rival in the spirit. People who watched the anime went straight to Musariku. So I thought these 22 years were the best. “

“I wasn’t familiar with the team called Tokyo Musashino, so I supported the unit together while reading the SNS of the Musashino supporters who enthusiastically raised their voices at each match during the difficult residual battle last year. Thank you again to the former coach Hisayuki Ikegami, the player staff, and the supporters who led to the remnants of the white stars in the second half. I also felt that it was because I loved the club. “

“On top of that, I’m grateful first, so I’ll give it back. I like the JFL league. Because it’s small, it’s easy for various people to think about it, and it’s the league that purely enjoys soccer.

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