Rascal is a hot topic during competition by raccoon anime teen medalists.

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What is the identity of “Rascal” that teenage medalists were talking about? In a post-competition interview, Kaoru Nishiya (13), who won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics skateboarding women’s street, and Kaede Nakayama (16), who won the bronze medal, revealed that they were talking about “Rascal.”

Is it a hip-hop singer or a YouTuber? It was the classic TV anime “Rascal the Raccoon.”

“I was talking about Rascal.” In an interview on the 26th, Nishiya replied when asked what he was talking to Nakayama during the competition. Nakayama says, “I’m listening to Rascal’s song.”

On skateboards, many athletes wear earphones and practice or practice while listening to songs.

Immediately afterward, Twitter became lively around Rascal, and on that day, a message of congratulations was sent from Rascal the Raccoon himself.

The official account posted a comment with an illustration of skateboarding.

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