Who is your favorite evangelist in the ‘Fire Force’?

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” Fire Force ” is based on Atsushi Okubo. It is a busy work that depicts the evangelist’s intention to abuse the phenomenon of human body ignition along with rescue activities by a special fire brigade. The first period of anime will be broadcast in 2019, and even among overseas anime lovers, the offense and defense by special fire brigades and evangelists have become a hot topic.

Now, let’s look at the three characters from the “Evangelist faction” picked up by the editorial department.

Elephant Kusakabe

The elephant Kusakabe in the leader, led by the Haihomura Knights, Shinra Kusakabe, is a real brother. At the age of one, he awakened to the ability of Adraburst, called the Third Pillar, and set off a large-scale fire. Taking this incident as an opportunity, he was kidnapped and raised by a group of evangelists. I have no memory of my childhood because I have been brainwashed. Growing up to 13 years old, Kusakabe can freely use Adora Burst to stop the movements of others. In other words, it is possible to attack a non-resisting opponent unilaterally. He is usually a cold-hearted person, but he shows a boyish side when he confronts Shinra Kusakabe.


Arrow is the lead deputy leader of the Knights of Ash Flame. We pledge allegiance to the evangelists and never miss a potential threat. He has even stronger loyalty to Elephant Kusakabe and is determined to follow him in any situation. In battle, he is good at long-range attacks. You can make a bow and arrow with flames and attack accurately from a position where the opponent cannot see you. In addition, since the roots are profound, it does not go well with the free-spirited Haumea. As punishment against Haumea, you may be shocked.

Causal Kasugaya

Causal Kasugaya is a girl who hates peaceful days. You can detect when it ignites and predict how the flame will spread. At first glance, he is a typical high school student, but he abused this ability to act as a firefighting thief. Contrary to his cute appearance, he had many radical words and deeds, welcomed the evangelist who was about to take him away and volunteered to join the group. It has the ability of Adra Burst, called the Fifth Pillar, and was awakened during the battle between the special fire brigade and the evangelist faction. This makes it possible to ignite by simply tracing the line with the letters “START” and “GOAL” with your finger.


The evangelist who holds the key to the story has many unique people, and it is attractive even though it is a hostile force. Some people may have an attachment to evangelists while watching manga and anime. Who is your favorite evangelist character?

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