‘Real’ from overseas for the first time in 3 years. ‘World Cosplay Summit’ 28 people from 14 countries and regions overseas, such as Germany and Australia, will participate.

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For the first time in 3 years, overseas participants will be able to participate in the “Real” World Cosplay Summit, which will liven up the summer in Nagoya.

The “World Cosplay Summit,” which will be held for the 20th time in 2022, gathers in Nagoya every year cosplayers who love Japanese anime and manga from all over the world.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the 2020 event was canceled, and in 2021, participation from overseas was limited to online. 28 people are expected to participate.

The event will be held from August 5th to 7th, and the “World Cosplay Championship” will compete for the reproducibility of costumes. The organizer will take measures to prevent infection, such as separating the changing room space for each person. I’m doing it.

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