All-you-can-see Amapura, new works in July, ‘ONE PIECE’ 14 movie version Academy Award for Best Picture ‘Coda Ainouta.’

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“Amazon Prime Video” July 2022 unlimited viewing work has been announced. “Coda His Ainouta,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and successive theatrical versions of “ONE PIECE” will be added.

In Western films, “Coda Ainouta,” which depicts her deaf parents and a deaf girl living with her brother, won the 94th Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adaptation, was released on July 21—delivered from the day. In Japanese movies, the live-action film “Brave-Gunjo Senki-” of the popular manga “Gunjo Senki” starring Mackenyu Nitta, Haruma Miura, Kenichi Matsuyama, and others will be delivered on the same day.

Before the release of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” in theaters, 14 ONE PIECE successive movies will be exclusively distributed from the 22nd. Season 2 of the popular variety series “Bachelorette Japan” will start on the 7th.

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