‘Sailor Moon Theatrical Version’ Cast Announcement of New Sailor Soldiers Marina Inoue, Saori Hayami, Ayane Sakura

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The first part of the new movie “Sailor Moon Cosmos,” which depicts the final chapter of the story of the popular anime “Sailor Moon,” will be released on June 9th, and the second part will be released on June 17th. , was announced. In addition, a PV with additional cast information and character voices has been removed. Marina Inoue, Saori Hayami, and Ayane Sakura will be in charge of the new trio of sailor warriors, Sailor Starlights.

A new sailor warrior, Sailor Starlights, suddenly appeared in front of Usagi Tsukino, the protagonist of the released Sailor Moon PV. Marina Inoue plays the role of Sailor Starfighter / Hikaru Hoshino (Seiya Kanojo no Kou), a group of characters active in the popular idol group Three Lights, but are always close to the rabbits and are always the leader of the cool Starlights. Responsible person.

The calm and intelligent Sailor Starlights coordinator, Sailor Star Maker/Taiki Kou, will be played by Saori Hayami, and the bruises and cute side of an idol and the usual cynical charm of the Sailor Star Healer/Yaten Kou (Yaten Kou) will be played by Ayane Sakura.

The movie, which will be a sequel to “Theatrical version of Sailor Moon Eternal ” released in 2021, will draw the final chapter of the Sailor Moon ” series, “Shadow Galactica.”

A new enemy, “Shadow Galactica,” appears, and Sailor Moons throw themselves into battle again as their friends are targeted one after another. It will be the final story of the sailor warriors who face the most potent enemy, “Why are you fighting?”

This work was serialized in the girl’s manga magazine “Nakayoshi” (Kodansha) from 1991 to 1997 and is a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 46 million copies. One day, the main character, Usagi Tsukino, meets Luna, a black cat who speaks her language and transforms into a warrior of justice, “Sailor Moon,” and fights with her friends to protect the princess.

A work that captivated girls at the time and caused a social phenomenon, and from 1992 to 1997, it was also broadcast as a TV anime series, broadcast not only in Japan but in more than 40 countries, and is loved all over the world. To. Also, in 2014, the new series “Sailor Moon Crystal” started as an animation, and in 2021, the first new movie in 25 years, “Theatrical version “Sailor Moon Eternal,” was released.

Comment from Marina Inoue (Sailor Starfighter/Hikaru Hoshino) Her

My childhood dream has finally come true. When I was little, I used to play Sailor Moon with her friends, and I still can’t believe that I became a Sailor Warrior and spent time with her rabbits.

I want to tell myself about those days. At that time, don’t come between Usagi-chan and Mamo-chan! I was looking at Mr. Hoshino with that thought (laughs), but when I became an adult, that straight feeling was excruciating and beautiful. During the recording, I wondered how I could make Mr. Hoshino look fantastic, and I thought of the original picture and acted while conflicted. Finally, the final chapter of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” will be made into a movie.

I’m looking forward to seeing the completed movie in theaters with everyone soon!

Saori Hayami (Sailor Star Maker/Taiko) Comment

When I was a kid, I looked forward to watching “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” every week, and it feels like a dream to see the day when I’ll be involved in it. When I read the script, I was fascinated by the Sailor Soldiers who never stop facing forward, even in harsh and lonely battles.

The magnificence of the story is evident, but the lines that have the power to wrap it all up made me tear up. I was conscious of the calm and soft, mature atmosphere of the atmosphere, and I performed while thinking about the balance of the three lights.

The three lights singing scene is one of the highlights, so I would be happy if you could pay attention to it. I would like you to see the final chapter of the series, the magnificent story, at the theater.

Comment from Ayane Sakura (Sailor Star Healer/Koyaten Kou)

To that “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon”? And as a sailor warrior? I have come to life…! I was dreaming. At the same time, I felt the pressure, and when I took the work all night, a wonderful world spread out there, and the scenery I saw changed at once.

Like me, Aquarius type B lives freely and has strong feelings for essential things. Yaten, who has a personality that doesn’t seem like someone else’s affair, is easy to get close to, and I enjoyed playing him, including his confidence that I don’t have.

I also have a little ambition that if I get lucky, I can get a yellow voice saying “cute!” final battle. It sounds heavy. I was a little nervous, but I got through the post-recording with the help of the always-calm night sky. In any case, we will be waiting for you at the theater as the Three Lights.

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