ALTERGEAR’s new work ‘Toukai Tenki’ was released today!

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The game brand “ALTERGEAR,” which focuses on the friendship and bonds of Idea Factory Co., Ltd., released the Nintendo Switch game software “Toukai Tenki” today, December 8, 2022 (Thursday).

Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshiaki Sato / Location: Toshima-Ku, Tokyo) ‘s game brand “ALTERGEAR,” which focuses on friendship and bonds, will be released today, December 8, 2022 (Thursday) on Nintendo Switch. Released the game software “Toukai Tenki” for

Minato, a boy who has lost all his memories except for his name, is exiled to the island of Inki, far away from the mainland of Wanokuni.

Minato is puzzled because he doesn’t understand anything, but the island boys Kazuya, Nagisa, and Reiji accept Minato, who has a mysterious charm, interact with each other, sometimes fight, grow up, and gradually form a strong

Although Minato’s memories have not returned, he has lived a new and peaceful life. However, the power of darkness gradually steals the sunlight from this quiet island far from the mainland.

The Honnoji Incident happened on the mainland a few months ago.

Overlord Nobunaga Oda, who was about to unify the world, was killed in a rebellion, but his corpse was never found.

Furthermore, at the same time, the sun began to set, and
Wanokuni was covered in darkness.

People rumored that it was God’s wrath or Nobunaga’s curse.

What happened at Honnoji?
Thinking about that, Minato feels uneasy for some reason.
What crime did Minato commit? The Honnoji Incident and the power of darkness covering Wanokuni
have something to do with Minato’s lost memories.

And then, a voice calling out to him echoes in Minato’s head.
“Minato… Minato!”

What is the future that Minato, who resists and obeys the fate and mission of the gods and confronts difficulties, arrives and builds?

Main Characters:
Minato (*main character) (CV. Daiki Yamashita), Reiji (CV. Yuichiro Umehara), Kazuya (CV. Kaito Ishikawa), Nagisa (CV. Yoshiki Tani), Gent (CV. Taiyo Ayukawa), Mayfly ( CV. Shota Takasaki)

What is the game brand “ALTERGEAR”?

Friendship, bond—this passion (ruby: omoi) is unyielding.

A new brand, “ALTERGEAR,” develops male characters’ stories about friendship and bonds.

Currently, there are three titles in the lineup: “Soukai Tenki,” “Shinjuku Rashomon,” and “DIG-ROCK -Documentary of Youthful Sounds-.”

We will work with various creators and manufacturers to create attractive new titles.

Brand Official Portal Site:
Brand Official Twitter:

Product Summary
Title: Cangkai Tenki (*Reading: Sokai Tenki)
Catchphrase: Bring back the light to Wanokuni with the power of bonds-
Compatible models: Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite
Genre: Bonds of boys ADV
CERO: C (15 Ages and above)
Number of players: 1
Release date: December 8, 2022 (Thursday) Original
: Tenki Tōkai Project
Scenario: Rosa Nakajo
Character design: Teita (main character), Murashige (Amaterasu Omikami/Tsukuyomi) Life / Susanoo Life) Opening theme song: “Souten” Song: GARNiDELiA Lyrics: MARiA Composition /
Arrangement: toku Pony Canyon Official
Website URL:
Twitter hashtag: # Soukaitenki #soukaitenki #ALTERGEAR
Publisher: Idea Factory
Rights notation: © Soukaitenki Project

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