Sayuri, an oxygen-deficient girl, wrote a new ED theme for the anime ‘EDENS ZERO’ and released a single in September.

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Lack of oxygen girl Sayuri’s new song of “The World of secret” was determined to NTV TV anime “EDENS ZERO” July cool of the ending theme. The TV anime “EDENS ZERO” is an animated version of a popular manga based on Hiro Mashima, serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” since 2018. It is an adventure story that begins with “Boy Meets Girl,” which is common to Majima’s past works and is a space fantasy that traverses the mysterious universe. Sayuri’s new song “The Secret of the World,” written for this work, will start airing on July 3rd. A song about the connection and kindness of people, strings is a magnificent ballad of Sayuri’s new frontier, which is a fusion of edgy sound and edgy sound.

The new song “The Secret of the World” will be released as a single on September 8th. The first production limited edition jacket is a luxurious, unique specification. The limited edition (animation edition) is an individual luxury specification using an illustration drawn by the original author Hiro Mashima. Details of the coupling song will be announced at a later date.

Oxygen-deficient girl Sayuri Comment I wonder if people are being used for something or saving someone without knowing it. I was drawn into the story of the characters of EDENS ZERO and thought about that, so I made a song. “The Secret of the World” is a ballad song about the connection and kindness of people. We hope you enjoy it with your weekly adventure as the ending theme.

Release information Single “Secret of the World” 2021/09/08 RELEASE BVCL-1162 ~ 1163 / 1,636 yen (tax out) * Luxury three-sided special package * Picture label CD BVCL-1165-1166 / 1,636 yen (tax out) * “EDENS ZERO” picture jacket drawn by Hiro Mashima * Luxury three-sided special package BVCL-1164 / 909 yen (Tax out)

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