‘Peach Boy Riverside’ Episode 1 Former Princess, Knowing the Outside World

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The first episode of the TV anime ” Peach Boy Riverside, “which will start broadcasting on July 1 (Thursday), has arrived. Further additional cast information has come.

Manga work “Peach Boy Riverside” inspired by the fairy tale “Momotaro” that everyone knows (Original Coolkyousinnj . John) Is being serialized in Kodansha’s “Shonen Magazine R” and “Magapoke.” A princess who does not yet know her destiny, and a boy who follows the urge of “peach.” When the two meet, the door to an epic adventure opens–! ︎ The first episode will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX from 22:00 on Thursday, July 1, and on BS Nippon Television and AT-X from 23:30. It will be delivered from 22:30 at the d anime store. And the cast of the new characters will be the vampire role: Satoshi Mikami, the loyal demon role: Taku Yashiro, and the tree demon: Mugihito! Comments also arrived from Mr. Mikami and Mr. Yashiro. Check this out as well! Click here for the synopsis! Sally goes on a journey and meets Frau, a subhuman who has fallen over. Frau is fond of Sally, who helped me and accompanied the trip.

Through Frau, Sally learns that the outside world is infested with a sense of discrimination against subhumans. Hawthorne of the Knights of the Kingdom of Limdar appears in front of Sally and Frau. Hawthorne imprisoned them without telling them … In this work, there is a mechanism in the time series on TV on-air, and in TV broadcasting, the where the time series of the story is shuffled is broadcast. Shigeru Ueda explains why he dared to adopt shuffle broadcasting instead of arranging it in chronological order of the original.

The director also spoke in an interview. Check the official website for details! Also, at the d anime store, both and will be distributed from 22:30 on July 1 (Thursday) immediately after the broadcast on TOKYO MX, so please watch them in each way of enjoying. .. (C) Coolkyousinnj. John / Kodansha / “Peach Boy Riverside” Production Committee

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