Shunsuke Kazama ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ She is upset by the author’s death. ‘Lonely feelings’ is the main character of the anime.

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Kazuki Takahashi, a manga artist, known as the author of the manga “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, Has died. He is 60 years old. In response to this news, Shunsuke Kazama, who played the role of Yugi Mutou in the TV anime “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (2000-2004), announced on the 11th that “ZIP! When he made a live appearance in the movie, he said, “I’m upset, and I feel very lonely.”

While touching on the content of the work, “It’s a work called” Yu-Gi-Oh, “I’m drawing a farewell to an important companion towards the end. I want to send it out powerfully as drawn in the manga. However, he said, “I wish I could take a little time and say” Thank you “to the teacher.”

He also revealed an episode with Mr. Takahashi, saying, “Every day, through” Yu-Gi-Oh! “, I hope that” various games, you can make friends, and multiple friends will increase. ” After the work was finished, I also confessed that I met various people from various people, saying, “I was playing” Yu-Gi-Oh! “!” “I am that anime youth!”

“I think that the teacher will be pleased to continue playing (with” Yu ☆ Gi ☆ Ou “) as everyone makes more friends through this work. I want to continue to love the work “Gi ☆ Ou.” Thank you very much, Professor Takahashi. “

Mr. Takahashi made his serial debut in 1986, and his masterpiece “Yu-Gi-Oh!” It was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from September 1996 to March 2004. The fictional card game “Magic & Wizards” that appeared in the story became a hot topic, and when the story revolved around the game, the first TV animation on TV Asahi was broadcast in 1998. After that, the cast was renewed, and broadcasting started on TV in Tokyo in 2000. And after that, although the main character changed, it was broadcast as the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Series until now.

In addition, “Magic & Wizards” was commercialized as “Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Duel Monsters”, and the cumulative sales exceeded 25.17 billion in 2011, so “Trading with the highest sales in the world. Certified as a “card game” by Guinness, it has become famous all over the world.

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