Smartphone game “Arknights” TV animation

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Yostar’s strategic tower defense game “Arknights” will be made into a TV anime series. The announcement PV has been released on YouTube. It is said that Season 01, “Dawn Prelude,” is currently being produced.

Yostar Pictures is in charge of TV animation production. An animation production company established by Yostar, also known as Azul Lane, Ryosuke Inagaki of Aruba Crow, who was in charge of line producers for “Kizunaiba” and animation producers for “When Supernatural Battles Behind the Scenes,” “Promega Gallo Edition” In addition to welcoming Mr. Kengo Saito, who was the animation director and general animation director of “SSSS.GRIDMAN,” as a director, Sato who was the director of “TIGER & BUNNY” and the general director of the theatrical animation “GANTZ: O.”

Director Keiichi has been appointed as a production advisor and head of the original IP department.

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