‘Soul Eater’ author draws illustrations of Maka ‘Nostalgic’ ‘Character design is genius no matter when you look at it.’

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Atsushi Okubo, the author of the popular manga “Fire Force,” updated his Twitter account and posted an illustration of his representative work “Soul Eater.”

A scythe and a mini skirt A new illustration of Maka drawn by the creator of Soul Eater On Twitter, an example of Maka Albarn, the main character of “Soul Eater” with a scythe, has been released.

“Soul Eater” was serialized in “Monthly Shonen Gangan” from 2004 to 2013 and was drawn before “Fire Force” (2015 to 2022).

Fans reacted to the nostalgic character illustrations with comments such as, “I’m glad that Maka’s nostalgic character is sometimes uploaded like this,” “Maka-chan is cute!”, “I’m looking forward to the re-animation!” there is

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