Original anime ‘Classic Stars’ to air in 2025, teaser visuals and promotional video released

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Aria Entertainment and King Records’ project “Classic★Stars” has been decided to be made into a TV anime in 2025. The teaser PV and teaser visuals have arrived.

“Classic★Stars” is an original animation depicting a boy with the “gifts” of great musicians transplanted into his body, who meets his friends and aims to win a contest while experiencing the charm of music. It is one of the “Classic★Birth” by UNISON, an original content production brand of Aria Entertainment, and the original work is by UNISON and King Records, the music is by Elements Garden, and the animation production is by Platinum Vision.

The cast has also been announced, with Yuuma Uchida playing Beethoven, Kento Ito playing Mozart, Shun Abe playing Chopin, and Shoya Ishige playing Liszt. In addition to the four cast members, comments have been made by Noriyasu Agematsu, who was the original planner and executive producer; Akifumi Kaneko, the producer; and Hideaki Oba, the director.

Comment from Noriyasu Agematsu (Planning and Executive Producer): I am Noriyasu Agematsu, a composer. I have been imagining for many years what I could do if I could collaborate with Elements Garden across the ages with classical music, which is the foundation of modern music, and the senior composers and performers who created that classical music. Then, I went to Vienna,
I visited Austria, where the graves of Beethoven and Mozart are located, and prayed there, and I decided to create a work. With that feeling in my heart, I also wish to make the wonderful music the great musicians created by their souls known worldwide. I appreciate your support.

Comment from Akifumi Kaneko (Producer and Director) In “Classic★Stars,” I am Kaneko, who is in the position of producer and director, and is responsible for conveying and sharing the intentions of Mr. Agematsu, the planning and creator, to the field (mainly the literary team). Nice to meet you. When I first heard the content, I thought it was pretty different from the impression I got from the title and character design, and in a sense, it was a sharp work. And even now, after the dubbing, that recognition has not changed and has only gotten stronger. Please look forward to what kind of work it will bear fruit in.
I am looking forward to it too.

Comment from Oba Hideaki (Director): What if you suddenly started being called Beethoven one day? What if people around you were called Mozart, Chopin, and Liszt? This work is a youth ensemble drama that begins with sudden development. The main characters live a school life of hope, despair, confusion, and conflict, but they strive to sing and dance to win the music contest. Please enjoy the emotional world that appears in each episode. Comment from Uchida Yuuma (Beethoven role): I am Uchida Yuuma, who plays the role of Beethoven in “Classic★Stars”. Beethoven and Mozart.

This work gathers characters with names you may have heard of. When I heard that I would be playing the role of Beethoven, I was also surprised at what kind of role it was. How will he change after encountering music and being forced to give up his previous path due to an injury? Please pay attention to the new classical music that everyone at Elements Garden will create. Please look forward to this work and its charming characters and diverse music!

Comment from Ito Kento (role of Mozart): I will be the voice of Mozart. What’s this?! The names of great musicians in history are all in the character names. There is a good reason, but you must watch the work. Also, it is by no means a stuffy story. There have been many plays depicting the lives of musicians up until now, but this work made me think about the nature of entertainment from a different perspective. I dedicate this work to all music lovers with love. Please look forward to it.

Comment from Abe Shun (role of Chopin): I am Abe Shun and will be playing Chopin! Since I decided to play this role, I have naturally responded to Chopin’s music. Classical music is full of familiar masterpieces everyone has heard without even realizing.

I will do my best to play Chopin’s role so that the new stories and music born from “Classic★Stars” will be loved for a long time, like classical music. Let’s enjoy the world of “Classic★Stars” together! Comment from Shoya Ishige (role of Liszt): I am Shoya Ishige, and I will be playing the role of Liszt. He inherited the talent of a great musician and was called by his name. At first glance, it may seem like a complex story, but it is a very passionate and heartwarming work.

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