Speaking of anime featuring magical girls and witches? From royal road anime for girls to slow-life fantasy

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Speaking of “Magical Girl,” many works for girls such as “Sally the Witch, “Magical Princess Minky Momo,” and “Magical Angel Creamy Mami” were made in the old days. As times go down, it can be said that it is a genre that dilutes the “magic” element and leads to the genealogy of “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” and “Futari wa Pretty Cure” featuring “transformation” and “battle.” In addition, “Magical Girl” works as a homage will be produced. This is often a spin-off of anime produced for older people, such as “Magical Girl Pretty Sammy” (spin-off of the “Tenchi Muyo!” Series), “Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya” (“Fate”). / stay night” is a parallel world setting). In addition, “Magical Girl” animations that are still expanding, such as “Magical Girl Madoka Magica,” which defines “Magical Girl” and “Witch” with their world view. This article will introduce a selection of anime in which magical girls/witches play an active role as the main characters.

Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden

It is a gaiden of “Mado Magi” mentioned initially and is based on the smartphone game of the same name. From July, “2nd SEASON -Awakening Eve-” is being broadcast. Magical girls continue to fight in secret in exchange for the fulfillment of their wishes. However, Tamaki Iroha has forgotten her wish. “What did I want when I became a magical girl? 』\ A hole in everyday life. Something important has been lost. Every day I keep fighting without knowing the reason. At that time, rumors begin to flow among the magical girls. “If you go to Kanhama, the magical girl will be saved.” Kanhama City, a city where magical girls and rumors gather. The story of Tamaki Iroha, who seeks lost wishes, begins.

Magical DoReMi

This is an original animation by Toei Animation, the first period broadcast from 1999 to 2000. After that, TV animation was produced until the 4th period, and it became famous for a long time.” In the end, Favorite senior. If Bonus points for some. magic that could not confess to” Shogekae’ was Doremi was towards the foot within the unknowingly To tottering is, “Mahodo of Maki Hataya Marika” This is a strange shop. There, Doremi discovers the true identity of Majolica, the owner of the store, who looks like a witch, as “Maybe. a witch?” Then, Majolica turned into a strange witch frog. Majolica, who has become a witch frog, takes responsibility for Doremi and tries to become a witch. A wizard who has become a witch frog can only return to its original form with the person’s magic to discover the true identity—three girls, Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko, who happened to bewitch apprentices. Set in a school and a shop called “MAHO-do,” every day of magical and miracle training for the three to become full-fledged witches continues.

300 years after defeating slime, I reached level MAX without knowing it

An anime based on a light novel by Kisetsu Morita , which was broadcast from April 2021. The main character, Azusa, is an immortal witch who has become the strongest after 300 years. It is a so-called reincarnated in another world, but the main work depicts a relaxed slow life between Azusa and the people involved with her. Azusa Aizawa, an ordinary office lady, died from overwork and reincarnated in a different world as the immortal witch Azusa. After reflecting on her previous life, she started a leisurely slow life on a remote plateau. Defeat slime, earn coins, make medicine like a witch, and take care of the village at the foot of the mountain. I don’t do anything else. As she continued to live like that, she became familiar with the “witch of the plateau .” However, 300 years later. With the experience value of defeating slime, Azusa has become the strongest in the world at level 99. The rumors spread, and not only adventurers who are confident in their arms but also dragon girls who challenge duels and mysterious monster girls who call Azusa their mother are rushing in.!?

Witch’s Journey

An anime based on a novel by Jougi Shiraishi. It was broadcast in October 2020. Irina’s main character is a genius who became a “witch” at a young age and depicted her traveling around the world. There was a traveler in a specific place. Her name is Irina. Young witch is the talented woman that became a top-level “witch.” Longing for the story of the journey I read when I was little, I continue my long, carefree journey. As a traveler, she repeats encounters with various countries and people, freely roaming this vast world and touching strange and funny people and someone’s beautiful daily life. And the same number- “Don’t worry. I’m a traveler. I have to hurry.” The story of encounter and farewell, spun by such a witch Irina.

Extra: Little Girl Senki

I picked up a “magical girl (a man in his thirties who reincarnated in).” Based on Carlo Zen’s novel, the first period was broadcast in 2017, the movie version was released in 2019, and the production of the second period is also announced. Magic is used for military forces, and a bold story is unfolded under a unique worldview in which a mage is regarded as a military department. June 1923, unified calendar. Tanya Degrechaf, a young blonde, blue-eyed girl, was training on the Third Patrol Line in the Norden Military Region of the Northern Military Region as part of her military service in the final course of the Imperial Military Academy. The training, the first step toward a brilliant career as an aviation mage, should have been completed without incident. However, the situation rolls in an unexpected direction. The Empire and the Coalition entered a state of war in the wake of the cross-border invasion of the Coalition. With the transition to the wartime regime, observation missions are assigned. Still, a surprise attack by the Cooperative Allied Forces occurs, and Tanya falls into a situation where she has to engage alone with the enemy mage company. There is no way that many people can hold up until their allies arrive, but if they try to escape, they will be inevitably guilty of death by fleeing in front of the enemy. Tanya launches a specific strategy to appeal to the upper management that she has survived anyway and has done her best.

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