Anime ‘New Prince of Tennis U17 World Cup’ news Ryoma VS Prince battle is a fierce battle that destroys the racket.

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The new Prince of Tennis U-17 WORLD CUP (Under Seventeen World Cup) is currently on air. This article will tell us the breaking news from the latest episode, “Prince of Ace.”

The battle between Ryoma and Prince turns into a fierce competition that destroys the racket. France dominates the match.

Ryoma Echizen and Prince are in S3 (Single Three) in the 3rd match of the quarterfinals of the current “U-17 WORLD CUP” finals tournament Japan vs. France with a score of 1-1 at 5 minutes. – Ludwig Standard will fight.

The two had previously had a duel in horseback tennis, and it seems that it was a fateful confrontation, as the two were seen discussing with each other before the match.

Returning to the Japanese national team, Echizen will serve with even more power than before. Both were replaced with an ace, leading significantly. In addition, he showed off the potential and speedball that was trained by horseback tennis.

In this match, it started to develop into a rally match from 0-5, when Echizen was cornered. Echizen collects batted balls in the center of the court, in front of Prince, and seals the ace that Prince is good at. In addition, he shoots a ball that closely resembles Byodoin Houou’s specialty, “Shining Destruction*,” destroying Prince’s racket. It was his first point in the match.

At this point, the tide seemed to turn to the Japanese side. Still, despite having his gut broken several times and many of his rackets being destroyed, he succeeded in returning a shot that closely resembled a “shining hit (destruction).”

Echizen was able to react to Pence’s strong return, but the ball that destroyed his racket sank into his stomach and knocked him unconscious. Prince’s batted ball was powerful enough to blow away Echizen, so there are concerns not only about the game’s development but also about Echizen’s safety.

The U-17 World Cup will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, and TV Aichi every Wednesday from August 3, 2022. On September 29, the third match between Japan and France in the quarterfinals, S3 (singles three) between Ryoma Echizen and Prince Ludwig Standard, will be broadcast.

Shining ball (destruction): A hit ball generated by meeting at a “super sweet spot” that exceeds the racket’s sweet spot. The ball glows when activated. It boasts the power to destroy concrete, and if it hits the human body directly, there is concern about damage to the internal organs.

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