‘Special Edition Sound! Euphonium Ensemble Contest’ released today

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” Sound! Euphonium ” series’ latest work, “Special Edition: Sound! Euphonium ~Ensemble Contest~” started screening today (August 4th). The theater’s advanced limited edition Blu-ray is also on sale at the screening theater, and the price is 6,500 yen.

This work is a mid-length animation of a famous episode from the original novel “Sound! Euphonium: The True Story of the Kitauji High School Brass Band Club” by Ayano Takeda. The story following “Theatrical version Sound! Euphonium ~ Chikai no Finale ~” released in 2019, the main character Kumiko, who became the new head of Kitauji High School brass band club, depicts her first big job. Synopsis What awaited Kumiko, the new head coach, was the school preliminaries to determine the national teams that would participate in the ensemble contest, commonly known as “Ancon.”

Kumiko tries her best to make it through to the qualifying rounds without incident, but the brass band club, with many people, seems to have endless problems… She spent her busy days as her director, taking various consultations. While the club members are deciding on a team, Kumiko, who is essential, has yet to determine which group she belongs to.

The theater advance limited edition BD includes three types of line drawing illustrations for the cover of the booklet “Original Ayano Takeda’s short story” as a bonus for theater visitors and double-sided examples drawn by Tatsuya Ishihara (Director) & Kazumi Ikeda (Chief Animation Director ).

Includes two cards. It is a tall case specification. In addition, the paperback edition of the latest issue of the original novel, “Flying Up Your Back,” will be released today. For the paperback edition, commentary by Reiko Yoshida, who wrote the screenplay for the movie “Liz and the Blue Bird,” is also included. The price is 780 yen.

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