Netflix animation ‘Spriggan’ will be released on June 18th. Latest PV release & additional cast Yoshimasa Hosoya

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The third teaser PV was released at the ” Spriggan ” stage held in the Netflix anime booth event of “AnimeJapan 2022”. It was revealed that Yoshimasa Hosoya would appear as an additional cast. The distribution date has also been decided, and from June 18th, worldwide exclusive distribution will start as the Netflix series.

The original is an adventure action manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (published by Shogakukan) from 1989 to 1996 by Hiroshi Takashige (original) and Ryoji Minagawa (drawing). Yu Ominae (CV) is a boy who devotes himself to a fierce battle as a special agent ” Spriggan ” of the organization “Arkham” established to protect and seal the out-of-place arts left by ancient civilization from all powers. : Chiaki Kobayashi ) is drawn.

In the PV, actions that make full use of 2D drawing and 3DCG are drawn, with the main character Yu, Jean Jackmond (Yohei Azakami), who is one of the spriggans, Yoshino Somei ( Mariya Ise ), a girl who vandalizes the ruins, and Yu and others. Colonel McDougall ( Ayumu Murase ) and others belonging to the opposing US military secret unit “Mechanized Platoon (Machineners Platoon)” have appeared.

Hosoya plays the mercenary Akatsuki Iwao, the captain of the mercenary unit of the giant military-industrial complex “Trident” and has the nickname “Returning Man”. Character voices are also included. The full text of Hosoya’s comment is as follows.

Yoshimasa Hosoya
The design of Akatsuki’s crew cut and camouflage uniform made me feel nostalgic for myself, who watched various movies at a Western-style theatre on TV when I was little.

I think I felt the image of the ancestors who were dubbed Western movies at that time while dubbing.

I think that the setting of being the captain of the mercenary unit and having the nickname of “Returning Man” makes the story of Akatsuki more impressive, and I feel that the character of Akatsuki is attractive.

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