‘Spice and Wolf’ completely new animation production decision official announcement ‘The story of Holo and Lawrence will continue.’

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It has been decided that an entirely new animation of the fantasy novel “Spice and Wolf” will be produced. At the same time, the teaser visual and the commemorative announcement PV were released.

In February 2006, the 12th Dengeki Novel Grand Prize “Silver Award” winning work “Spice and Wolf” was released and became famous as an economic fantasy unfolding in a medieval European worldview where neither swords nor magic appeared.

The same work celebrated the 15th anniversary of the series in February 2021. The first period of the anime was broadcast in 2008, and the second period was published in 2009.

On the official website, “This time, we have decided to produce a completely new animation of” Spice and Wolf “! With the support of our fans, the story of Holo and Lawrence will continue, so please continue to support us. & Published on official Twitter! “

Craft Lawrence is a merchant who trades various goods in various places by horse-drawn carriage.

In Pasloe, a village he visited to trade wheat, he met a girl sneaking into the carriage bed. She said she was the wolf god of a good grain harvest, and she certainly had her wolf’s ears and tail. Lawrence decides to travel to Yoitsu, her northern land, her hometown while doubting her.

After “adventures” in the port town of Pazzio and the church city of Lubinheigen, the two who understand each other deepen their ties as traveling companions.

The two then head for Kumersung, where some may have records of Holo’s hometown. What was waiting for them in the festival-filled town?

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