Don’t you agree that you were saved? A popular character whose ‘unexpected way of death’ caused controversy

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Did he suddenly die in the sequel?

In manga and anime, one of the ways to enjoy it is to feel happy when your favorite character you’ve been rooting for does well, or sad when they go through a difficult situation, and to experience all the joys and sorrows with the character.

For such fans, the death of their favorite character can be painful and unbearable. Also, the “method of death” caused controversy among fans who were unsatisfied with it. This time, we’ll be looking back at three characters from Weekly Shonen Jump that have become a hot topic of conversation, for better or for worse. First up is Portgas D. Ace from ONE PIECE.

Luffy’s brother-in-law, Ace, was highly popular among fans for his kindness toward his younger brother, his relaxed fighting style with the Mera Mera Fruit, and his loyalty to Whitebeard. He was chasing Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, who had committed the crime of comrade murder.” Still, he was defeated in a duel and handed over to the Navy, who decided to execute him, triggering theSupreme War.” Afterward, through the efforts and sacrifices of Luffy and his friends, including the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace is rescued from the execution stand at the Navy Headquarters. Akainu insults Whitebeard and stops him due to his compassion. It’s gone.

As a result, he dies while protecting Luffy from Akainu’s attack. In the end, Ace’s beautiful, hot personality becomes his enemy. Since he died, even though he had a chance to be saved, people on the internet from then to now have been saying things like, After all that effort, I finally saved him…” It would have been less frustrating if he had died due to a normal rescue failure.” “I think so,” some people said.

The author, Eiichiro Oda, has said that he intended for Ace to die from the beginning, and it was an essential event for Luffy’s growth, but for those who were not satisfied with his sad death immediately after being rescued. There were many. Also, Neji Hyuga’s death scene from “NARUTO” became a hot topic. Hinata Hyuga is from the head family, and Neji is from a branch family, so they are related. Neji is said to be the genius since the beginning of the Hyuga family” and is a user of Hinata’sKekketsu Genkai”.

At first, he had a feud with Hinata, a member of the head family, and during the Chunin Exams, he fought intending to kill Hinata. In the beginning, he was a bit hard to get close to, looking down on the underachievers, but after his battle with Naruto and learning the truth about his father’s death, his personality softened, and many fans came to like him. Then, he died protecting Hinata and Naruto in the “Shinobi World Wars” arc. Because his death was so sudden, there were many unsatisfied readers online at the time.

There were negative opinions, such as Was Neji’s exit essential?” and was too sudden,” but in December 2014, in Mandou Kobayashi,” author Masashi Kishimoto said, Was Neji’s exit essential?” revealed the reason for his death.

At the time, Kishimoto-sensei had a plan for Naruto and Hinata to be together, and he decided to have Neji die to create an opportunity for that to happen. He was such a popular character that he ranked 18th in the 2023 global character popularity poll “NARU TOP 99”, which is probably why so many people were dissatisfied with him. Another person who died in the sequel, which was left off from Jump magazine, was Kaori Makimura, the partner of Ryo Saeba (Kemono Hen Nisho) from City Hunter.

Although she has a boyish appearance and often speaks and acts like a man, she also has the gentleness of a woman. Many readers enjoyed that she was annoyed by Ryo, who was a bit of a nuisance to Kaori.

However, at the start of her sequel ”Angel Heart”, Kaori has already passed away in an accident, which is a shocking development. She saves her infant from being hit by a car, and her heart is then transplanted into Xiang Ying, the main character of the film.

”Angel Heart” is a story about a parallel world to ”City Hunter,” and people still say, ”I wish they didn’t have to kill off the heroine of the previous work,” and ”It was interesting, but there were a lot of people who couldn’t get on board with this setting.” “Isn’t that so?” a reader said with sadness.

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