Subaru and Emilia appear in the world of ‘Puyo Puyo’ as cute illustrations!

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From August 9th, the puzzle RPG “Puyo Puyo !! Quest” and “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” will collaborate! Let’s take a closer look at the collaboration characters drawn for this Collaboration.

From August 9th to August 29th, in the puzzle RPG ” Puyopuyo !! Quest ” (after this “Puyoque”) currently being distributed, ” Re: Life in a Different World from Zero ” (after this “Rezero”) Collaboration is being held.

Moreover, not only various characters of “Rezero” will appear, but also the characters of “Puyoque” will be wearing the collaboration costume of “Rezero,” and the recorded voice of the “Rezero” character will be implemented. , Various projects are prepared to liven up this summer.

Therefore, this article will release all the collaboration characters implemented in gacha, etc., at once! We will carefully deliver unique collaboration costumes of random characters.

21 collaboration characters!

In the world of “Rezero,” Subaru was sent to another world on his way home from a convenience store.

And this time, in the world of “Puyo Que,” I was sent to Pwarp Island due to the experiment of Squirrel and Witch, and I will return to the world of “Rezero,” so I will reproduce the investigation that was the cause. It was.

All six episodes of the limited collaboration story will be released in sequence during the collaboration period. In this little story, in addition to the characters familiar to Subaru, the “Puyo Puyo” character will also welcome Subaru in different costumes. Moreover, the collaboration costume of “Rezero” worn by the “Puyo Puyo” character has an arrangement like “Puyo Puyo.” When you take a closer look, there is various “awareness,” and it is fun.

So what happens if you compare these characters side by side?

First of all, let’s introduce Subaru, the main character of “Rezero,” and these two characters wearing Subaru jerseys!

Suddenly, Subaru is summoned to a different world and makes a soft noise in numerous adversities while repeating trials and errors to grasp the future.

In contrast to Subaru, the “Puyo Puyo” character wears Subaru’s costume, even if he fails many times. Another collaborative nature, Subaris, has a lovely pattern, such as an acorn popping out of a convenience store bag in his hand.

In addition, “Natsuki Subaru” will be distributed this time as a unique gift character. If you log in from 4:00 on August 9th to 23:59 on August 29th, you can get it only once.

Also, at the limited collaboration event “Keitai !? Collection Festival” held from 15:00 on August 12th to 23:59 on August 21st, “Natsuki Subaru” will be. You can get unique materials to make it “change.” This is a unique opportunity to strengthen Subaru that you got with a special gift.

In addition, Risukumasui is a collaboration gacha, and Subaris is a clear reward such as “Minna de Quest.”

Emilia, the main heroine of “Rezero,” is illustrated with the spirits and pucks. Emilia is one of the candidates for the next king of the pro-dragon kingdom, Lugnica, and is studying hard every day to face the king’s election.

Wearing the costume of Emilia, a half-elf with silver hair and bluish-purple eyes is a familiar witch in the “Puyo Puyo” series. Witch is one of the popular characters from the old titles of the “Puyo Puyo” series and is perfect for the role of Emilia. What’s more, it’s interesting that they don’t just wear the same outfits, but have long skirts typical of witches.

The maid sisters Ram and Rem have a stubborn personality with their sister Lamb and a mild and friendly personality with their sister Rem. Lamb is in charge of poisonous tongue and is always harsh on Subaru, but it seems that he cares for something. Rem is a girl who is crazy about Subaru and is full of “love” who wants to help Subaru and want to serve him.

Wearing such sisters’ costumes is a combination of Ali and Rafisol, who are inseparable from each other. Aly, who is full of love, and Rafisol, who is unfriendly on the contrary to her, have something in common in terms of personality. This is also a convincing selection of people like Subaru and Emilia.

Beatrice is a spirit who calls Puck “Nicha.” I am the keeper of the forbidden library at Roswar House.

It is Ferri, a character who specializes in fortune-telling and magic, who wears her costume. Moreover, in this Collaboration, not only wearing Beatrice’s dress but also appearing in a drill-shaped twin tail, which is also Beatrice’s trademark! The atmosphere has changed completely, and it is an illustration unique to Collaboration.

The last thing the Emilia camp will introduce is the pack. The puck looks like a lovely cat, but in reality, it is a spirit called the “Beast of the End” that has the power to destroy the world.

Even in the illustration of “Puyo Puyo,” a cute and fluffy figure is drawn.

The pack can be obtained by completing the specified mission bingo during the collaboration period.

In addition, “Rezero” characters are participating in the war one after another.

In “Rezero,” five “candidates for the king” compete with Emilia for the throne, including Emilia. In this Collaboration, they seem to be competing with a knight. Each will be implemented in a gacha, so please look forward to that as well.

Characters form the “Rezero Series” and “Rezero Collaboration Series” other than Subaru and Pack will be available at “Rezero Collaboration Gacha ver. Emilia” and “Rezero Collaboration Gacha ver. Reinhardt” to be held from August 9th. To appear. In the collaboration gacha, you can get a bonus of Subaris every time you draw “10 consecutive gachas”.

For details on collaboration characters and other collaboration events, please check the unique collaboration site for “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” x “Puyo Puyo !! Quest”. Since it is an extensive collaboration, quite a lot of content is prepared. It would be good to take this opportunity to start “Puyo Puyo.”

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