Japan’s Top Anime Studios Have United Together To Launch A YouTube Channel!

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Toei Animation, Nippon Animation, Kodansha, Tezuka Productions, and Shinei Animation have United together to launch a YouTube channel called “Animelog” which will stream free anime.

The goal is to add 3000 anime titles by 2022, with the number of views per month reaching 300 million.

Currently, the target audience is Japan but later there are also plans for adding English sub-content and Chinese sub for worldwide fans.

Finally, fans who can’t buy premium memberships of streaming services will be able to support their favorite anime.

Several Japanese studios, notably Toei animation, individually operate their own channel. Their iconic content, like the Dragon Ball series brings consistent views on YouTube. However, partners believe that by banding together they can grow their audience and get better revenues from it.

Earlier this year, Netflix also announced that they’d release 21 films from the world-renowned Studio Ghibli. After monthly releases, the streaming platform has now released most of the noteworthy titles from the studio.

According to the Association of Japanese Animations’ survey for 2019, the industry enjoyed record growth for the sixth straight year, with earnings totalling $20 billion. Streaming grew 10%.

The channel is believed to be a whopping success as a collaboration between top studios would give them a better footing against piracy and illegal downloading.

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