Suppose you borrow a ‘rental sister,’ a complete change from ‘creepy’! Many praised the moving development, saying it was a ‘gentle world’ and that ‘the story was too good to be anything.’

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Mr. Pageratta (@pageratta) draws various comics mainly on the web. Many people are fascinated by the wide range of manga he draws, from trendy ones such as “transition to another world” and “mystery solving” to unique characters and attractive people. From among the many masterpieces of Mr. Pageratta, I would like to introduce the first and second parts of the manga “Rental Sister who Borrowed Case.”

This work features a cute girl from the beginning, saying, “Onii-chan, I’m home.” This child was a “rental sister” who visited the male client’s house! She is a client whose appearance and personality are pretty high quality. Her first thing is to guide her “her sister” to her room, saying, “Let’s play a game.”

However, her “little sister,” who sees the room overflowing with anime goods, is displeased. He, the client, had told her in advance that he wanted her to become “Nanaka,” so she thought, “it’s troublesome” and “somewhat scary,” She quietly continued her work, but…

On the way, he left to go to the bathroom, but he didn’t come back. She was surprised, but she was watching the situation, but when the alarm sounded to announce the end of her work hours, she called out.

Why was he crying, and why did he use “rental sister”? And will she go home after her working hours? From here, the story picks up speed.

When I posted this work on Twitter, I was “a gentle world,” “I was moved,” and “I was too cautious. There were about 1,000 replies from the first and second episodes, such as “I can’t do anything because it’s too much” and “The last service is excellent.”

At first, I suspect that the client has ulterior motives, but the unexpected development of this work leaves me with a deep impression. Please read “Rental Sister wo Rent a Case,” which will bring you tears and smiles at the end!

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