Takuma rides Ark !! We will deliver the outline of the second episode of the anime ‘Getter Robo Ark’!

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The final chapter of “Getter Robo Arc,” the anime “Getter Robo Arc,” has started broadcasting from 21:00 on Sunday, July 4, 2021! Let me introduce the outline of the second episode immediately.

“Getter Robo Arc” is the final work of “Getter Robo Saga,” including “Getter Robo.” “Getter Robo Saga” is a general term for “Getter Robo” works that start with “Getter Robo,” and “Getter Robo,” which is the origin, established the monument of the coalescing transformation robot, and after that, the soul of “merging transformation” in numerous works. Is inherited.

The “Getter Robo” series continued to be drawn as “Getter Robo G” (1975 ~), “Getter Robo Go” (1991-), and “Shin Getter Robo” (1997 ~), and in 2001, Futabasha’s Action Pizzas special edition “Super Robot Magazine” Was serialized in “Getter Robo Arc.” After that, Ken Ishikawa died suddenly. Both “Getter Robo Arc” and “Getter Robo Saga” became unfinished masterpieces. Jun Kawagoe, who worked on works such as “Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo” and “New Getter Robo,” will be the director in the animation produced this time. Bee Media will deliver the energy of the OVA “Getter Robo” series and “Armored Girl Senki.” studio A-CAT is in charge.

The characteristics of the original work will be reflected more strongly to create spectacular work. In addition to the hero and flow Takuma officers to board the new Getter Robo Uchida Stallion, Kamui to Shaw role Kono Sonmaro, Kazuhiro Sunseki appears in the role of Yamagishi. In addition, Hayato Jin will be played by Naoya Uchida, who also played the position in the “Getter Robo” series, including “Shin (Change !!) Getter Robo World’s Last Day” (1998-). In addition, JAM Project’s new song “Bloodlines ~ Fateful Pedigree ~” will be the opening theme of this work and will liven up the world of this work. Click here for the synopsis of the second episode of the broadcast on Sunday, July 11, 2021! Takuma meets Hayato Jin at the Saotome Institute. Hayato tells Takuma and Baku to ride the arc with Kamui. Although he couldn’t get a clue about Takuma’s mother, the wheel of fortune begins to turn.

Takuma and Kamui understand each other with their fists and rapidly strengthen their ties. A new getter team was born. Meanwhile, a space-time shift point opens above the Saotome Institute, and a large army of enemies invades. Takuma and his colleagues, who had not even succeeded in coalescing even though the D2 unit was dispatched, could only watch the war situation from the Saotome Research Institute.

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