‘Fruit Basket The Final’ is the most satisfying anime in the spring of 2021!

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Japan’s most famous movie, drama, and anime review service “Filmarks” has announced the “2021 Spring Anime Satisfaction Ranking” based on the data in the service.

“Fruit Basket The Final” was ranked first, “My Hero Academia 5th Season” was ranked second, and “Odd Taxi” was ranked third. The “2021 Spring Anime Satisfaction Ranking” is the average score (5.0) of “Filmarks” as of July 2 for anime broadcast and distributed in the spring of 2021 from March 25 to May 31. A total of the total score) and the number of reviews (Mark! Number). Calculated as “Filmarks Anime Satisfaction Ranking” in order from work with the highest score.

The 1st place “Fruit Basket The Final” recorded an evaluation score of 4.34 (out of 5 points). From the users who watched it, “Each person’s feelings were carefully drawn and stabbed in my heart” “An important animation like the bible of life” “I can’t watch without tears” “I can’t express it in words Reviews such as “Human Drama” were received. Below, in the top 5, “My Hero Academia 5th term” is 4.33, 3rd place “Odd Taxi” is 4.31, and 4th place “Kingdom “3rd Series” marked 4.19, and 5th place “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” marked 4.11. By the top 10, “Tokyo Revengers,” “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-” “To Your Eternity,” “Moriarty the Patriots Phase 2”, “Magical Enter! Prima-kun 2nd series” is listed. In addition, “Tokyo Revengers” was ranked first in the Mark! Number (number of reviews) ranking, and “Godzilla SP ” was ranked first in the number of episode comments. Filmarks “Spring 2021 Anime Satisfaction Ranking” 1st place: “Fruit Basket The Final” 4.34 [Broadcast on April 5] 2nd place: “My Hero Academia 5th Season” 4.33 [Broadcast on March 27] 3rd place: “Odd taxi” 4.31 [Broadcast start on April 5] 4th place: “Kingdom 3rd series” 4.19 [Broadcast start on April 4] 5th place: “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” 4.11 [April 8 broadcast start] 6th place: “Tokyo Revengers” 4.07 [April 11 broadcast start] 7th place: “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-” 4.043 [April 3rd delivery start] 8th place: “Immortal To you” 4.037 [Broadcast on April 12] 9th place: “Moriarti Phase 2 of the Melancholy” 4.03 [Broadcast on April 4] 10th place: “I entered the devil! Irima-kun 2nd series” 3.99 [Broadcast on April 17] 11th place: “SSSS.DYNAZENON 3.91 [Broadcast on April 2] 12th place: 86-Eighty Six-” 3.85 [April 10 13th place: “Godzilla SP ” 3.788 [Started broadcasting on March 25] 14th place: “The Way of the Househusband” 3.79 [Started broadcasting on April 8] 15th place: “Bakuten! !” 3.77 [Broadcast on April 8] 16th place: “Super Cub” 3.76 [Broadcast on April 7] 17th place: “Shadow House” 3. 74 [April 10 broadcast start] 18th place: “It feels bad to call love” 3.72 [April 5 broadcast start] 19th place: “Mashiro no Oto” 3.64 [April 2 broadcast start] 20th place: “SHAMAN KING” 3.61 [Broadcast on April 1] * This ranking targets work with 100 or more reviews (Mark! Number) by July 2, 2021. The scores in the article are as of July 2, 2021.

Each user evaluated the score based on the number of (out of 5.0 points) after viewing the work. The score of each piece is displayed up to 3 digits after the decimal point for ranking. The regular expression in the service is up to one decimal place. You can post a review (Mark!) Up to 1 member per work. “Fruit Basket” The Final (C)Natsuki Takaya / Hakusensha / Fruit Basket Production Committee “My Hero Academia” 5th term (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha / My Hero Academia Production Committee “Odd Taxi” (C) PICS / Otogawa Transportation Partners

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