Takuya Eguchi starred in ‘SPY×FAMILY’ and gained confidence in his voice acting career.

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The “17th Voice Actor Award” award ceremony was held in Tokyo on the 11th to recognize the year’s most impressive voice actors and works.

Eguchi said, “It’s a work called ‘Spy x Family,’ but it was an audition where we recorded a tape at the office and sent it. I read the lines with my manager. So I asked, “How about it?” What if we do it this way? I said, ‘If you say so much! It was an audition tape that I made together with ‘,’ and revealed the secret story of the audition.

He continued, “When I heard that I had passed the exam, the agency was more pleased than I was. It was thanks to 81 Produce that I was brought up to this point when I was nothing. Normally I’m just a drinker, and thanks to the staff, I’ve been able to raise him so that everyone knows about him. I can continue to be a voice actor!

He also revealed how he decided to pursue a career as a voice actor, saying, “What inspired me to pursue a career as a voice actor was Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s radio. There was a time when I was saved by listening to it.

An award is an event for the voice actor industry and voice actor fans that has been held every March since 2007. The most active, famous, and talented voice actors of the year and veteran voice actors who have been active for many years are gathered together—the most significant event in the world of voice actors.

Last year, Kensho Ono won Best Actor, and Megumi Ogata won Best Actress. From this year’s 17th edition, the name of the award category has been changed to respect for diversity and gender-free. The three divisions of “leading actor,” “supporting actor,” and “newcomer” are no longer separated by gender and have been integrated into the “leading voice actor award,” “supporting voice actor award,” and “newcomer voice actor award.”

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