Approximately 10 minutes of video were released at the beginning of the central part of ‘Gundam Cucurus Doan Island.’

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From the theatrical animation “Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurs Doan’s Island,” a video of about 10 minutes at the beginning of the main story has been released. At the same time, the announcement of presents for visitors and the distribution of unique specials have started.

This work visualizes the 15th episode “Kukurusu Doan no Shima” of “Mobile Suit Gundam” broadcast in 1979 from a new perspective. It depicts the encounter between Amuro Ray (CV: Toru Furuya), who is on a mission on the uninhabited island “Island without Return,” and Kukurus Doan (Shunsuke Takeuchi), a Zeon army deserter who lives on the island while protecting the war-damaged orphans. In addition, the appearance of Char Aznable (Shuichi Ikeda), the ace pilot of the Zeon army, who did not appear in the 15th episode of the original story, has also been decided.

The opening video starts with a scene where the Earth Federation Forces mobile suit Jim and unidentified Zaku engage in a ground battle on an uninhabited island at midnight. White Base captain Bright Noa (Ken Narita) is tasked with clearing the island’s remnants from the staff, and familiar people such as Amuro, Kai Shiden (Toshio Furukawa), and Sayla Mass (Megumi Han) will also appear. From the middle stage onward, the White Base crew is the axis, and even the scene where Zaku catches the Gundam and Guncannon that landed on the island in sight is drawn.

Visitors’ gifts will be distributed for eight consecutive weeks, and the first week of June 3-9 will be a promotional card for the visual sticker and arcade card game “Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base.” All four types of graphic stickers will be randomly distributed, and the “Doan Exclusive Zaku” A5 illustration sheet will be distributed only for Dolby Cinema, and the “High Mobility Type Zaku (for ground)” A5 illustration sheet will be distributed for 4D only on a first-come, first-served basis. The contents of the presents for visitors after the second week will be announced later.

On YouTube’s “Gundam Channel,” the main cast and “Special Special Program Just Before Release” (, directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, are also distributed. Furuya as Amuro, Takeuchi as Doan, Narita, Furukawa, Ban, and Fuu Hirohara as Carla will develop a corner to announce Q & A and recommended lines with director Yasuhiko and talk about the highlights and charms of this work. It has become a thing.

“Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurus Doan Island” will be released nationwide on June 3rd.

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