The 10 Best Anime Movies Of The Decade, According To Rotten Tomatoes

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Anime films have been a mainstay from the media marketplace. When it’s movies building upon preexisting worlds or entirely original creations, these functions are engaging and pervading. Contrary to the traditional animated movie institutions with children-focused networking, anime movies cater to a vast selection of audiences, from the older to the young. Some anime become popular enough to justify complete live-action reboots and recreations, although the success of these jobs has been blended.

Here we have narrowed it down to the top ten anime films of the last decade, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes.


The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya is just another Studio Ghibli movie that produces the record. It follows a bamboo cutter, his spouse, and the mysterious infant that they find within the woods. This baby has been called Kaguya, and the story follows her out of the little village of her childhood to the mansion within the capital she and her family come to inhabit as they try to turn Kaguya to the princess they believe she’s destined to become.

This visually fantastic movie boasts an astonishing depth to its storyline and takes sudden narrative turns that make it an exceptional gem, which may be appreciated by all.


Maquia: After The Promised Flower Blooms is a remarkable dream experience which follows Maquia, a classic being who longs to find the exterior world but is somewhat sequestered within her clan’s house. Destruction is next on the record since the realm of Mezarte invades their homeland to gain her race immortality.

Finally, Maquia is left with only a human infant who decides to raise. The film explores this mother-son bond comprehensive, coping with heavy topics of family, self-actualization, and even suicide. It’s a bit mired in enough emotion and drama to potentially get into the hearts of even the most cynical audiences and is a movie that shouldn’t be missed.


This is another film that assembles a preexisting franchise, now acting as a growth in the area of My Hero Academia. In My Hero Academia: 2 Heroes Izuku Midoriya accompanies his instructor All Could turn into a superhero conference I-Island, a region devoted to exploring quirks and personalities.

Matters take a step towards calamity if a bunch of villains strike and insanity ensues as heroes measure up to prevent them. Viewers will also be provided insight into the life span of Might, giving the movie a part of character development that rounds it out.


Kirito and his friends return for Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale. In this experience, they’re pulled to the world of this favorite sport, Ordinal Scale, on a brand new augmented reality platform known as the Augma. As with other entries in this show, things aren’t as they initially appear, with a concealed villain that’s introduced as the storyline progresses.

Kirito and gang have been pulled, leading to the over the top action scenes and higher octane battles that Sword Art Online is famous for. In general, this movie is a definite treat for lovers of this show.


A surreal puzzle is at the heart of the movie. One the fourth-grader Aoyama, finds himself dragged into when a flock of penguins suddenly appears in his or her hometown. Applying the scientific method, he starts to find out more about the penguins and discovers they are coming out of a girl at his dentist’s office. However, this is simply the beginning of his trip.

This coming-of-age narrative follows Aoyama and his buddies as they explore this happening, with an awareness of bizarre wholesomeness and philosophical depth, which makes for an engaging and thoughtful opinion.


This movie is just another creation in the mind of gifted manager Makoto Shinkai, famous for works such as 5 Centimeters Per Second and also the above Your Name. In this picture, Tokyo is plagued with a set of tumultuous rain showers.

When the two leads, Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano fulfill, it is disclosed that Hina can muster sunlight when she prays to it, which slowly leads to some plot that’s sometimes fantastical and in other times amazingly grounded. The narrative is rooted in the characters, their interactions, and the way they develop during the movie – and it works to exceptional effect.


Your Title is a brand new spin on the body-swapping genre of movies that blend in love and destiny. It has two prospects, Mitsuha Miyamizu, the woman from the countryside, also Taki Tachibana, town boy, locate themselves swapping bodies regularly.

The movie follows the group as they try to resolve the riddle behind this phenomenon and as they look for another in actual life. The tragic notion of a despairing and remote love combined with visually lush scenery makes for an enthralling tale that may extract a tear out of even the most stoic of filmgoers.


This ancient drama captures the sense and character of living in Japan during World War II. The primary role Suzu Urano is a young woman who likes to draw and that originally lives on the outskirts of the town of Hiroshima before marrying a guy from the port city of Kure.

This narrative covers the time before the war, gradually progressing over the last few years and after our protagonist’s existence as the battle inches closer to her homeland. As a movie, it delivers a unique and heart-wrenching view on among the world’s most significant wars and is one that should not be overlooked.

PRO-MARK (96%)

Primary is an action-packed movie from Studio Trigger, that will be the founders of additional hectically paced works like Kill la stink and Inferno Cop. In this picture, the town of Promepolis, with the assistance of a group of firefighters, always has to fight the randomly-appearing fire mutants that plague their world.

Our principal character, Galo Thymos, is a recent recruit in the firefighting squad that puts out on a search to figure out the real reason for the mutants. The aesthetic of the movie is simultaneously straightforward and incredibly detailed, allowing a fluid animation design and speedy pace, which conveys viewers through its world. Overall, it is a beautiful ride from beginning to finish


This Studio Ghibli movie is a family-friendly quality that follows the lives of Arrietty along with her parents, a tiny family that resides in the narrow areas of a garden. This little group borrows supplies out of people to eke out a living, moving undiscovered till the birth of youthful Shou, who strikes up a friendship with Arrietty.

This film takes a slow tempo, luxuriating in shots that explore the rich world and nuances of how Arrietty, along with her loved ones, traverse the big human dwelling around them. Like other Ghibli movies, music and art are done, making a gorgeous movie that everyone can enjoy.

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