Like a real “Weathering with You”! ?? Great response to the reversal world reflected in the melted snow of the New Year!

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The photos posted on Twitter with the words “The inverted world created by the thawed water was beautiful” attracted much attention. The clear blue sky is reflected in the thawed water. The pure inverted world touched and fascinated many people.

In addition to the voices saying, “This is a miracle-like moment, it’s so beautiful” and “She’s beautiful as if she’s sucked in,” people all over the world have spoken in various languages. The voice of the response has arrived.

Shota (@shnimohus), who posted this photo, is a 21-year-old university student in Kyoto and has posted a photo work taken as a hobby on SNS. I asked about the photos that became a hot topic this time.

Please tell me the location and equipment you shot if you don’t mind.

The location will be in Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture, shooting with a super wide-angle iPhone.

How can you take such a wonderful reflection photo?

I think it is essential to bring the iPhone as close to the water’s surface as possible. In terms of difficulty, some reflect the puddle cleanly, and some do not, which may be the puddle’s depth, so I had difficulty finding it.

Maybe you had a hard time with the cold at the time of shooting …

It was cold (laughs). However, I didn’t feel that it was too cold at that moment because I was absorbed in the shooting. As mentioned above, it was challenging to think about which side to shoot from and find a puddle with a beautiful landscape.

There was also a voice that reminded me of Makoto Shinkai’s work “Your Name.” And “Weathering with You.” We have also received many comments from overseas.

When I first saw the visual beauty of director Makoto Shinkai, I felt that I would like to express it if there was such a world. In addition, some people express photos like anime on Twitter, and I wanted to express myself under the influence of those people, so I ended up with a photo like this one.

Therefore, it is a great honor to say that I feel like Makoto Shinkai. Also, I’m pleased to see the photos and say, “I was healed” and “I saw something good early in the new year.” Regarding the impact overseas, I am pleased that I have been able to connect with many people beyond the language barrier through a single photo.

It may not be necessary to have words in the heart that makes you feel beautiful when you see something. In addition, Shota said, “I would like to continue chasing the reversal world. Of course, I also want to take pictures of snowy landscapes and landscapes unique to spring, but I look at Shota’s account. If you go to, you can see an extraordinary reversal world, and I want people to think that way, “he said with enthusiasm in the future. It seems that he will show us a more profound worldview soon.

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