The Adams family departs for a family trip in a camper van! The main video of ‘Addams Family 2’ includes the appearance of a mysterious tracker

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A part of the leading video of the second movie version of the popular series “The Addams Family” “The Addams Family 2 Cross-American Travel!” Was shown. The footage captures the scene of the Adams family leaving for a family trip across the United States, including the mysterious trackers chasing the family.

This sequel depicts the growth of her adolescent Wednesday and the love of her family, who watches over her and tackles difficulties with all her might. Wednesday aimed to win the annual free research presentation during the summer vacation, but the result was disappointing because they all won the prize without ranking. Worried about Wednesday, when she’s adolescent and doesn’t show up at her family’s table, Gomez plans a driving trip to deepen her family ties. Take her wife Morticia, Wednesday, Pagsley, Gordon Craven, Butler Larch, Hand, and Pet Kitty on a campervan journey through attractions.

The megaphones were directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, similar to the previous work. Continuing from the previous work, the Japanese version was played by Katsuhisa Namase as Morticia, Katsuhisa Namase as Gomez, Fumi Nikaido as Wednesday, Shun Horie as Paisley, and Ryuji Akiyama as the laughing trio “Robert.”

The video starts with the Adams family boarding a camper with a pile of luggage and leaving for a family trip. When Gomez signals the hand to “departure progress!”, The camper van starts running vigorously on the theme song arranged up-tempo. Gomez explains the travel dates and destinations to his family in the car. When I told him that it would be a three-week trip in total, Wednesday made a dissatisfied voice saying, “What? Three weeks?” Morticia praises such Wednesday.

In the middle of the video, a white car suddenly appears behind the sign and begins to chase the Adams Family’s camper van. In the car, a lawyer, Mustela, under the control of scientist Cyrus Strange, boarded her helpers Pongo and Gyukyu and attempted to take Wednesday away.

“Adams Family 2 Cross-American Trip!” It is open to the public at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, Shibuya Cinequint, and others.

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