The first ever TV anime, ‘Pokemon’! Satoshi Becomes the World Champion of Pokémon Battle!

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The TV anime “Pocket Monsters “revealed that Satoshi defeated the undefeated champion Dande in the final of the “Pokémon World Championships,” a tournament that decides the most muscular Pokémon battle, and finally became the world champion.

The Pokémon World Championships Masters Tournament, where champions and talented players from each region gathered and showed great excitement. Satoshi defeated Hoenn champion Daigo in the best eight and then defeated Sinnoh champion Sirona in the semi-finals. What awaited them at the final was Dande, the undefeated champion of the official match.

An unprecedented battle unfolded using Dynamax, Z-Move, and Mega Evolution. The heated struggle with Dande turns into an exciting development, with neither side taking a step back. Satoshi was at the mercy of the battle-hardened Dande’s strategy, and even though he was outnumbered, he continued to challenge with his innate never-give-up attitude.

Then, connecting the baton to Gengar, Lucario, Kairyu, Negiganite, Wonoragon, and the last Pikachu, finally Dande’s partner LizardonIn a one-on-one fight with…! Pikachu is struck by a momentary gap in the back-and-forth offense and defense and falls down on the spot after being hit by Charizard’s powerful attack. However, in his distant consciousness, he received support from his friends who had been with him until now and used his last strength to win against the undefeated champion, Dande. He was crowned world champion.

Satoshi has challenged many leagues, but since the TV anime “Pocket Monsters” began in 1997, it is “the first time” to become the world champion of the Pokémon battle. On the official YouTube, “Final I-IV” is being distributed for a limited time, so please check it together.

“Pocket Monsters” Draft: Satoshi Tajiri/Junichi Masuda/Takeru Sugimori Director: Daiki Tomiyasu Assistant Director: Atsushi Owada Creative Supervisor: Kunihiko Yuyama Series Construction: Shoji Yonemura Character Design: Shuhei Yasuda Junichi Fujisaki/Ritaka Tsuchiya/Doko Machida/Yuka Miyata/Aya Matsui/Atsuhiro Tomioka/Akemi Mende and others (in order of writing) Sound Director: Masafumi Mima Music: Yuki Hayashi Animation Production: OLM Production: TV Tokyo/MEDIANET/ShoPro (C ) Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku (C) Pokémon

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