The first psychic experience 6th Alone Love Hotel-Male / 51 years old

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Surprisingly, many people have had a psychic experience.

Therefore, this time, we are looking for “first spiritual experience” as a questionnaire member of Mynavi News. Then, many experiences were sent. In this unique feature, we will introduce the mysterious episodes that users experience.

One love hotel male / 51 years old
There was a day when I had to stay alone at a love hotel because I couldn’t find a place to stay on a business trip.

That’s the story.

My work on a business trip was prolonged, and I arrived at a love hotel around 22:00.

After checking in, I cleaned up the work left at the hotel, took a bath, and lay down on a big bed alone while I was ready for tomorrow.

Strangely, I’m lying on the bed of a love hotel by myself. I had such feelings, but when I noticed, I fell asleep.

However, while I was sleeping, I suddenly woke up because something was wrong with my body.
–I wonder what.

Then I opened my eyes and found a long-haired woman riding on me.
I was upset by a phenomenon whose cause was utterly unknown, but I gradually became less conscious, and when I realized it, it was morning.

Who was that woman? I don’t want to stay at a love hotel by myself again.

Who was the mysterious woman that the man encountered at the hotel? Perhaps it was the ghost of a female who settled there.

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