TV animation ‘SHAMAN KING,’ ‘Five Warriors Edition’ visual & additional cast information

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The TV anime “SHAMAN KING” currently being broadcast will start “Five Warriors Edition” from the broadcast on December 2nd (Thursday) next week. Following the broadcast’s start, the visuals of “Five Warriors” and additional character & cast information were released.

“Five Warriors Edition” is an episode in which Gandhara and the leaves, whose spirits are the god class of the whole team, meet in the intensifying Shaman Fight and face new challenges to defeat Hao. “Five people” and “warrior” will be essential keywords in future development. The story begins with the leaves that declined Shaman Fight to revive the lotus, which is the continuation of the 29th.

The newly released “Five Warriors Edition” visual is a design that looks into the white sword and black chicks, which are the new oversouls of leaves and hao, with leaves with a gentle expression and a smile. The contrasting composition of Hao, who has a dangerous atmosphere, is an impressive finish.

It has also been revealed that Kotono Mitsuishi will play the role of Kotono Mitsuishi, the leader of Gandhara, the third power in Shaman Fight, and Eri Kitamura will play the role Pascal Abuff, the spirit who participated in Shaman Fight 1000 years ago.

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