The Friday roadshow ‘Studio Ghibli for 3 consecutive weeks and the first week ‘Castle in the Sky Laputa’ will be broadcast from 21:00 today!

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NTV will broadcast the anime movie “Castle in the Sky” on the “Friday Road Show” from 21:00 on August 12th. It will be an uncut broadcast, and the broadcast time will be until 23:39.

This work is a feature-length animated film produced in 1986 by Hayao Miyazaki, who was in charge of the original story, screenplay, and direction. An adventure fantasy around the legendary island “Laputa” floating in the sky and a mysterious flying stone is drawn. The growth story of a brave boy, Pazu, and a kind-hearted girl, Sheeta, unfolds.

In the “Friday Road Show”, “Ghibli in the summer for 3 consecutive weeks” is held, and following the first week “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”, on August 19th “My Neighbor Totoro”, August 26th On each day, ‘Whisper of the Heart will be broadcast. Also, in the second half of the program, the latest information about Ghibli Park, which will open on November 1st, will be introduced.

“A girl has fallen from the sky…! A sudden encounter will change the boy’s destiny.”

Sheeta (Keiko Yokozawa) is a girl who lives in a small mountain village. One day, she is put on a huge airship by mysterious men led by Muska (Terada Minori) and she is taken away. However, the airship is attacked by the Dora family of air pirates! Seeta accidentally falls while trying to escape from her airship.

She is Sheeta who quietly descends with a mysterious power. Pazu (Mayumi Tanaka), a boy who works in a coal mine, helps her. Pazu takes Sita back to her home, but the next morning, the Dora family and Muska, and the Defense Forces appear in the valley town looking for Sita.

With the help of the townspeople, they managed to escape, but they were cornered and plunged into a deep valley…! At that moment, Theta’s pendant shone brightly! The flying stone crystals made in Laputa, the mythical kingdom floating in the sky, have demonstrated their hidden power. Pazu and Sheeta landed safely in the underground tunnel, but.

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