The influence on the original spokon anime of the movie “Oriental Witches” in Vancouver

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Vancouver cinema The Cinematheque from September 16 in (1131 Howe St. Vancouver), 1964 years Tokyo Olympics documentary “Asian witch that followed the Japan women’s volleyball representative that won the gold medal in the (original title Les sorcières de l’Orient) (Director Julien Faraut 2021) will be screened.

In addition to the appearance of older athletes looking back and talking with each other, the work of the athletes at that time was a match with the Soviet Union with a gold medal, a violent practice scene, and working at a factory during the day and looking back on the team that made the people enthusiastic in response to the expectation of “gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics” showing the world the recovery from the burnt fields after the war, with valuable images such as the appearance of the players who were there. In work, while introducing the depth of the bond between Director Omatsu and the players who were admired as “like a father,” scenes from the animation “Attack No. 1” influenced by the team were sandwiched everywhere. Focus on the Spartan-style practice and deep teacher-apprentice relationships depicted in Japanese spoken anime.

The words of the athletes, “I thought I couldn’t live in Japan if I lost,” tells us how much pressure the athletes received at that time and raises questions about how the people should put pressure on the attention athletes. At the museum, “The art of chasing a team that appeared like a comet while bearing the great pressure of being on the podium in the host country of the Olympics aiming for reconstruction, given the discriminatory nickname of” Oriental Witches “by the defeated team. “Sports documentary” and call for appreciation. There will be four screenings at the cinema on the 16th, 17th, 19th, and 22nd. They were streaming from 16th to 29th. CAD 14 for general students, CAD 12 for seniors (65+), and CAD 10 for students. Screening times and ticket purchase methods will be posted on the movie theater website.

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