‘Be aware of a character’s weaknesses’ ‘Even short lines have depth’ Yuki Sakakibara, a voice actress who appeared in the TV anime ‘Hypnosis Mic,’ talks about her thoughts in her hometown of Okayama.

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He is a young voice actor who is currently attracting attention. Yuki Sakakibara, a native of Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture, who appears in the popular TV anime Hypnosis Mic,” which features rap battles between handsome characters, says, The appeal of being a voice actor is that you can become a variety of characters.” His work is expanding beyond anime and games to include dubbing foreign dramas.

He plays the role of a visual kei band member who speaks theatrically to people other than those he is close to in Hypnosis” due to past bullying. He carefully expresses the inner delicacy that differs from the outward appearance, saying, I am conscious of the character’s weaknesses.

Even short lines can have depth if you understand their life up to that point, the fragility of their hearts, and what they want.” “I can do it,” he emphasizes. It all started with her reading-aloud homework in elementary school. She asked, What kind of feelings do the characters have?”Put more emotion into it.” As she read the book with advice from her mother, she ” “felt that her play was interesting.”

After graduating from high school, she moved to Tokyo and attended university during the day and voice acting vocational school at night. Although she was almost overwhelmed by homesickness and anxiety about her future, she continued her efforts to make her dreams come true. She recorded herself practicing her lines and listened to them repeatedly, honing her favorite phrasing and trying to overcome her weak pronunciation. She said, “I analyzed her strengths and weaknesses and considered where she could sell herself.” Like her current role, she faced herself calmly and steadily gained strength.

At the end of October, she appeared on a talk show at the “1st Okayama Momo Anime Festival (Fest)”, an event held in Okayama City to promote the appeal of anime and cosplay, and she was seen by many fans, including those in band costumes. Surrounded by “It was my first time being called to work in my hometown of Okayama, and I was warmly welcomed. I want to become a voice actor that makes everyone think, “I’m glad they supported me.” Encouraged by the encouragement from his hometown, he renewed his resolve.

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