The light novel is made into a TV animation Starting in April 2022 Kensho Ono, Kaede Hondo as voice actors

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On October 20th, it was revealed that Quantum’s light novel “Brave, I will quit-The next workplace is Demon Castle” will be made into TV animation. The anime title is “Brave, I will quit,” and it will be broadcast from April 2022.

In a fantasy where a former hero who saved the world struggles in a new workplace, voice actor Kensho Ono plays the former hero Leo Demon Heart, Kaede Hondo, Shizuka Ito, Hitomi Owada, Yumi Uchiyama. It was also announced that Toru Inada would appear.

In “Brave, I will quit-the next workplace is Demon Castle-,” the brave Leo who saved the world from the invasion of the Demon Army chose the former enemy, Demon Castle, as the next workplace after the retirement of the hero and to rebuild the army.

The figure that challenges is drawn. KADOKAWA’s light novel label “Kadokawa BOOKS” has released light novels up to Volume 3. It is also chemicalized.

For the anime, Yu Shinoda will be the general director, Hisashi Ishii will be the director, Shigeru Murakoshi will be in charge of the series composition, and Yuki Nakano will be in charge of the character design. EMT Squared produced it.

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