The name Terrapagos was incorrectly spelled out in the subtitled broadcast of the anime Pokémon. Official correction

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The 23rd episode of the popular anime “Pokemon” (official abbreviation: Anipoke, TV Tokyo, every Friday from 6:55 p.m.) was broadcast on the 22nd. In the subtitled broadcast, the name of the mysterious Pokemon “Terapagos” was changed to “Kodai Turtle,” and the internet was buzzing with questions such as “What does it mean?” and “Is it a pre-evolution Pokemon?” and the anime official posted on SNS (formerly Twitter). The name has been corrected.

In the 23rd episode of “Terapagos,” a Pokemon with a misspelled name, “More Galal Fire,” Galal Fire battles with the main character, Riko, and his friends. Rico’s pendant glowed during the struggle and transformed into the mysterious Pokémon “Terapagos.”

It has been announced on the official website that in the latest games currently on sale, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet,” Terapagos” will appear as a legendary Pokémon that can be encountered in the second part of the downloadable content “Zero’s Treasure”, the Indigo Disk.

It is said that ” “Terrapagos” exists in two forms: the standard form Riko and his friends met and the terrace form.

However, in the subtitles of the anime broadcast this time, when Terrapagos makes a cry, it is written as “(Kodai turtle) Pago!” For some reason, the name of Terrapagos was written as “Kodaikame,” which I had never heard before.

This caused an uproar on the internet, with people saying things like, Huh? Isn’t it Terrapagos?”They suddenly came up with the name of a new Pokemon!” “Is this a surprise?”

Meanwhile, the anime’s official SNS was updated with a correction: In today’s subtitled broadcast of the animePokémon”, Pokemon Terrapagos was written unofficially. The official name is ” “Terapagos”.” did.

The anime Pokémon”, which began airing in April 1997, tells the story of the main character, Satoshi, who sets out from Masala Town with his partner Pikachu, meets and battles with many friends, and aims to become aPokémon Master”. It had been.

In the current new series, the main characters will be replaced by Satoshi and Pikachu, and the story will be about “finding something important” through the adventures of the double main characters Riko and Roy, set throughout the Pokemon world. Rico and Roy go on an adventure with many Pokemon, including Nyaoha, Hogeta, and Kwass.

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