He tried to get to know me. ‘Funeral’s Freeland’ 5th place in the favorite panel vote was Fern’s words, which made me feel the growth of ‘Master’ Freelen.

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In the highly anticipated ‘Vote for Favorite Panels of the 1st Season’ project for the beloved manga ‘Funeral Freeren, a pivotal scene depicting Freelen’s inner transformation featuring Fern secured a notable 5th place. This scene beautifully captures the evolving dynamics between the two characters. It has resonated deeply with fans, eliciting heartfelt comments such as ‘This conversation never fails to move me to tears’ and ‘My heartstrings are tugged every time.’

“Funeral Free Ren” is a popular manga currently being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (original story by Kaneto Yamada/illustration by Tsukasa Abetsu). Set in a world after” the Demon King has been defeated, the story is about Freelen, a wizard who goes on a journey to get to know people” after a hero’s death with whom he once went on an adventure.

To commemorate the massive response to the TV anime version, which aired for 28 episodes starting in September 2023, a first-season favorite frame vote” was held on the official website of the weekly Shonen Sunday”. A popularity contest will be held where fans choose their favorite scene from the animated original episode, and the scene with the most votes will be turned into merchandise.

On March 27th, the first season’s favorite frame vote results were announced on Funeral Freelen’s Official X (formerly Twitter). Fifth place went to a frame from episode 4 in which Fern tells Freelen, “I’m so happy that you’re trying to get to know me.”

After thinking about how to celebrate Fern’s birthday, Freelen gave Fern a hair ornament without confidence, saying, I don’t know anything about Fern.”So, I don’t know what kind of things she likes…” Fern prefaces this by saying, Mr. Freelen seems hopelessly lazy, so I’m going to tell you clearly,” which leads to the above line, You tried to get to know me.’

Freelen, a long-lived elf, has a very different sense of time than humans, so they have a dry personality. However, with the death of the hero Himmel, a change gradually takes place inside her.

Many people said I don’t care how often I watch this conversation,” It makes my heart tighten,” “It’s amazing how you try so hard to learn about other people.” The fans were touched.

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