The new anime series ‘Pocket Monsters’ Minori Suzuki and other main cast unveiled!

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The main visual, original character illustration, and cast information of the new series, TV animation “Pokemon,” which will start broadcasting on Friday, April 14, 2023, has been lifted.

The TV anime “Pocket Monsters” began broadcasting in 1997. Until now, the title has changed with each release of the original game, and it has depicted the adventures of the main character Satoshi, Pokémon, and his friends. And in April 2023, the camera, which has been following the adventures of Satoshi and Pikachu for 25 years, will have a new perspective. A new dream and experience set in the entire Pokémon world begin!

Rico, a girl from Pardea with a mysterious pendant. Roy is a boy from Kanto who has a mysterious monster ball. What is the encounter that awaits them, and what is their fate?!? This is a story of “finding” something important through adventure.

The main visual released this time depicts Rico and Roy, Freed and Captain Pikachu, and various Pokémon from each region, including Nyaoha, that appeared in the game “Pocket Monster Scarlet Violet” against the magnificent sky.

Also, who is the boy staring at Rico and Roy next to Saw Blaze from “Hinokenshi Pokémon”? How will the legendary Pokemon, the different-colored “Black Rayquaza,” be involved in Rico and Roy’s adventures!?? Check out the upcoming TV anime “Pocket Monsters” for more information!

And the cast who will be the voices of the main characters, such as Rico Roy Freed, has also been announced! Minori Suzuki as Rico, Yuka Terasaki as Roy, and Taku Yashiro as Freed have been decided, and their comments have arrived.

Minori Suzuki, who plays Riko, said, “The moment I met Riko after receiving the audition materials. I want to go on an adventure with Riko! I want to take the first step! That’s why I’m just thrilled that I was entrusted with Rico by the staff who have loved and created Pokémon. Please look forward to it!”

Yuka Terasaki, who plays Roy, said, “For children who are watching Anipoke for the first time, I hope that Rico and Roy will be like friends, and Anipoke fans will love Rico and Roy. I will do my best to face the role and the work with all my might and deliver a fun time! Please, please watch the beginning of a new history together. Thank you.”

Taku Yashiro, who plays Freed, said, “When I learned that I would be able to appear in my favorite work that has accumulated so much history and continues to be loved all over the world, I shuddered with joy and surprise. Together with the history of Pokémon. I want to play the character of Freed wholeheartedly so that not only adults who have grown up but also children can feel the dreams that fill their hearts as I used to.”

A new adventure for Rico and Roy begins in the world of “Pocket Monsters,” full of dreams and mysteries! What is the encounter that awaits them, and what is fate!?

On April 14 (Friday), a one-hour special will start broadcasting! Stay tuned for the broadcast!

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