The famous toy ‘Beyblade’ becomes a competitive sport—new series released in July.

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The next-generation series, “BEYBLADE X,” of the popular toy “Beyblade,” will appear on July 15th. Takara Tomy announced on May 17th. The new series, the 4th generation, is trying to differentiate itself from the past three generations by installing.

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of its birth. In the early 2000s, it became a social phenomenon. The Beyblade is a popular toy released by the former Takara in 1999 as a “modern Beigoma.” Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2024, it has shipped over 520 million units to over 80 countries and regions worldwide.

The new series is the 4th generation following the 1st generation “Bakuten Shoot Beyblade” (from 1999), the 2nd generation “Metal Fight Beyblade” (from 2008), and the 3rd generation “Beyblade Burst” (from 2015). The first generation series became a big boom, mainly among elementary school students in the early 2000s.

The sight of elementary school children and their parents waiting in line at toy stores and department stores to purchase new merchandise has been reported in the news every day, creating a social phenomenon.

“Rail” installed on the battlefield Increased the speed.
 The new series has renewed the Beyblade (frame), launcher, and stadium (dedicated field for competition). By engaging the “rail” installed inside the stadium and the new gimmick “X Dash” mounted on the axis of the Beyblade body, you can create acceleration and enjoy speedy battles. The company explains, “With the new gimmick that makes the fastest attack ever, the strategy has increased, and the actions have become fiercer and flashier.

Customization, Metal, Destruction… the best of the last three generations

It also follows the goodness of the past three generations. Elements such as “enjoyment of remodeling and battle” (1st generation), “hard metal collision” (2nd generation), and “burst gimmick that destroys the opponent” (3rd generation) gained popularity. The new series follows all these elements.

Appeal as a “gear sports” Gadget elements

In addition to these elements, the appeal is a sport. The company states that Beyblade “needs all mind, skill, and body.” “GEAR SPORTS” is a competition that requires players to improve their skills, such as practicing and learning knowledge about remodeling and recombination using gears that can be set in detail. “Beyblade has evolved into a sport that attracts even people.”

In the future, we plan to hold competitions in various places. We also provide a dedicated smartphone app, “BEYBLADE X – Beyblade X” (free). Beyblade launcher “shooter” (also known as a launcher) ), the player can earn only points by linking the dedicated device “BX-09 Beybattle Pass” and the dedicated application, which can record the power and number of frames when firing the Beyblade.

You can use your earned points to challenge games where you can win rare Beyblades. We plan to implement an update feature that allows you to register your customized Beyblade on the app and battle with players from all over the country. Comic” (Shogakukan) has also decided to serialize the original manga and make it into an anime (produced by Takara Tomy and ADK Emotions). The company has also released a promotional video for the new series on its official YouTube channel.

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