‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Director Has Mild Jealousy For Tim Burton

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‘The Nightmare Before Christmas ‘ director Henry Selick has expressed how he feels it’s unfair that Tim Burton is monopolizing the film’s credit.

A former Disney animator, Selick made his feature directorial debut with “The Nightmare Before Christmas, ” produced by former colleague Burton. Although Burton was in charge of creating, drafting, and character-designing the film, it was Serrick who directed the film, spending two years in San Francisco. However, since Disney released it under “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas,” many fans mistakenly believe Burton directed it.

When the US online site AV Club recently hit this point directly on Selick, he revealed his heart.

“I think it’s a little unfair because it wasn’t titled ‘Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas’ until three weeks before the movie came out. But when he was directing that movie, Tim was making two live-action movies in Los Angeles ( Batman Returns and Ed Wood ), and Tim is a genius, at least in his most creative moments. But it was my team who brought it to life and me.”

After that, Selick teamed up with Burton again for ” Giant Peach .” After working on ” Monkey Bone, “a fusion of animation and live-action, he is working on Leica’s stop-motion animation ” Coraline and the Button Witch 3D “. ‘ Wendell and Wild ‘ is now available on Netflix.

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