‘Hiropuri’ Tsubasa & Age have an awkward atmosphere while climbing. Episode 11 Synopsis & scene cuts released.

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The 20th new series of the popular anime “Pretty Cure” broadcast on the 16th, “Spreading Sky!” Pretty Cure” (ABC TV/TV Asahi, every Sunday at 8:30), the 11th episode scene cut & synopsis has been released.

The 11th episode of Pretty Cure, which was released in an awkward atmosphere, “Awkward two people !? Sora (voice: Akira Sekine) and the others went to the mountains.

Sora and the others arrive at Mt. Raso in a car driven by Ageha. There is a sign for a puzzle-solving game. After seeing L (voice: Koga Aoi) wanting the not-for-sale goods of Solaseed City’s mascot character Goro Sora, everyone decides to participate in the game.

Of the two routes, Sora and Mashiro take a steep course, while Tsubasa (voice: Ayumu Murase) and Age start to take a gentle approach. Tsubasa tries to take on the game seriously, but Ageha gets swayed by her. However, Tsubasa reunites with Sora and Mashiro on the way to the top of the mountain, and Mashiro tells him that “Ageha must trust Tsubasa.”

“Expanding Sky! The motif of Pretty Cure is the endless sky, and the theme is the Hero. The story unfolds in two cities, the sky world “Skyland” and the nature-filled “Solaseed City,” where new Pretty Cures play an active role.

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