The No. 1 anime you want to watch in the fall of 2021 is “Blue Period”

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Japan’s most prominent movie, drama, and anime review service “Filmarks” has investigated and announced the “Autumn 2021 Anime Expectation Ranking” based on the data in the service. In the number of “Clip!” Registered as the animation that the user wants to watch, “Blue Period” shines in 1st place, 2nd place is “King Ranking,” and 3rd place is “Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train Edition.”

The 1st place “Blue Period” shows a high school student, Hatora Yaguchi, who decided to throw himself into the world of beautiful and harsh art triggered by a single picture, burning his youth aiming for the most challenging art school in Japan. An art-based spoken story to draw. The number of “Clip!” Was 2,818 Clip !.

In the second place, “Ranking of Kings,” prince Bodge, who is despised for being deaf and so weak that he can’t even swing his sword, makes a big difference in his life with his first encounter with a friend and a little courage. An adventure fantasy that depicts the appearance of a sword. The number of “Clip!” Marks 1,976 Clip !.

The 3rd place “Kimetsu no Yaiba: Infinite Train Edition” was released on September 25, 2021, after the TV animation “Kimetsu no Yaiba” was broadcast for the first time on TV. The production of the infinite train edition has been decided, and the broadcast on Fuji TV from October 10 has been announced.

There will be seven episodes connected to each of Tanjiro Kamado’s Ritsushi edition and Yukaku edition. The first episode is an entirely new episode that depicts the mission of Anjuro Purgatory on the way to the infinite train from the demon slaughter corps headquarters. Episodes 2 to 7 describe the mission on the infinite train with about 70 cuts of new additional video, newly added BGM, completely new trailer, and new theme song video.

Below, 1,157 Clip!’S “Lupin III PART6” is ranked 4th, and 1,092 Clip!’S “Platinum End” is ranked 5th. By the top 10, “World Trigger 3rd Season”, “Mushoku Tensei-If you go to another world, you’ll be serious-Second Cool,” “takt op. Destiny,” “The Night Beyond the Sankaku Window,” “Komi-san, I have communism. ] Was also listed.

“Autumn 2021 Anime Filmarks Expectation Ranking”

  1. “Blue Period” 2,818 Clip! [Broadcast on October 1]
  2.  “Ranking of Kings” 1,976 Clip! [Start broadcasting on October 14]
  3. “Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train Edition” 1,450 Clip! [Start broadcasting on October 10]
  4.  “Lupin III PART6” 1,157 Clip! [Start broadcasting on October 9]
  5. “Platinum End” 1,092 Clip! [Start broadcasting on October 7]
  6. “World Trigger 3rd Season” 1,069 Clip! [Start broadcasting on October 9]
  7. “Mushoku Tensei-If you go to another world, you’ll be serious-2nd Cool” 932 Clip! [Broadcast on October 3]
  8. “takt op. Destiny” 665 Clip! [Start broadcasting on October 5]
  9.  “The Night Beyond the Sankaku Window” 641 Clip! [Broadcast on October 3]
  10. “Mr. Komi has communism. 622 Clip! [Start broadcasting on October 6]
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